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Good morning 🌞 coffee and plants in my mug from TN since i don’t have a #gregmug yet πŸ˜‰πŸ˜… I wonder if the plants like the smell of coffee as much as I do. I know they like coffee grounds πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ β˜•οΈ #PlantTherapy #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #coffeetastesbetterinagregmug #coffeewithgreg
You don't have a Greg mug yet?!οΏΌ
@RJG - please get on this immediately.
I'm sure your coffee tastes AMAZING in a #Tennessee mug! πŸ˜‰
WHAT?! yah I'll work on this
@sarahsalith hehe no I don’t πŸ˜… my mug from the smoky mountains though willl do. Reminds me of my honeymoon EVERYTIME I use it lol
dude how do you not have a greg mug?? glad drew is gonna send one but i’m pretty surprised, you’re one of the people i see most on greg + your posts are always super informational and fun! btw i always wanted to ask your opinion on the alocasia being pest magnets thing, i hear it a lot but i don’t know that many #AlocasiaAddicts who actually work in the plant industry
Awwww!! ☺️ Happy memories. β™₯️
@strawberrymoon the only pests I’ve seen on all the Alocasia I’ve worked with is the occasional mealy on the compact/jewel ones and mites UGH. you can combat them if you stay on top of keeping it healthy and fertilized and wiping the leaps with a solution as often as you can
@jcPlantProper @strawberrymoon mites also hate humidity
@RJG yep @strawberrymoon That’s why if you mist and wipe constantly it should keep them away! Once they come whew! Hard to get rid of them
I do almost monthly bug "vaccinations" w captains jacks just to be safe
@jcPlantProper my mug isn’t here yet either…. I’m sure they will arrive at some point πŸ˜‰
That mug is so precious πŸ–€
@WickedValkyrie right😍
@jcPlantProper that wee bear hanging out on the rim is just too cute for my lil heart to handle πŸ–€
@WickedValkyrie hehe yes! Got it from the smoky mountains. So adorable
OMG JANAI! We gotta get you a mug. There should be a link to claim yours in the email you got when you were verified. I’ll also send over another link so you can drop your address
@Kiersten ohhh i see it! I just filled it out! Thank you!! Also can’t wait to see the plants you got
Yay!!! It’ll be on its way to you asap! And stay tuned for a community post, I’ll tag ya. It came in super late last night and I wanted to wait for better lighting πŸ˜‰
@Kiersten gotcha. Yeah I was telling @RJG I get anxiety when i send people plants cause watching ups sometimes scares me with tossing boxes and such. We package the plants in way that the plants shouldn’t have any space to shift. Like at all. But sometimes they get squashed or something so I was like holding my breath ahah
@jcPlantProper They were packaged like a dream! I swear the New Orleans post office plays soccer with our packages and they still came in absolutely perfect condition!
@jcPlantProper dude they were packed so goo
@Kiersten hahah! Yessss it’s a process doing it for sure but super fun 🀩 @RJG and the peanuts are biodegradable and will dissolve in water
@jcPlantProper @rjg Fun fact: they also dissolve in my puppy’s mouth πŸ˜…
@Kiersten oh good to find out that all dogs love them and not just mine. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@Kiersten they smell amazing so I don’t blame him for eating them πŸ˜… it’s like cotton candy! They’re made from corn so it’s safe. Sometimes Rodger eats one to show people 🀣
Think they upped the requirements since I got one. Not just points but number of times your answer is selected as best, etc…
@Kiersten I realized I was verified about a week ago and never received an email about that! Am I supposed to look out for it? I didn’t even know you could get a Greg mug for being verified! πŸ€—
@kscape It may have gone to your spam! They’re sent automatically when you get verified. If you can’t find it shoot me an email to and I’ll share the link!
you need a greg mug, but the one you have is amazing!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸ˜Š
I don’t have a greg mug yet either but yours is really cute! Love it!!
@jcPlantProper @RJG I agree @jcPlantProper definitely needs a #gregmug. She has definitely earned it. I love love love πŸ’• thr plants she sent you and @Kiersten. All of them are gorgeous plants.
Please don’t forget #coffeewithsucculents tag. We have a great community who loves drink coffee and watch succulents :)
Still a cute mug though 😍
The Greg mug is really a thing? I didn’t see an email either and I delete the spam every week. What does the mug look like - I’ll bet it’s really cute!
That’s adorable

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