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Who else uses keiki paste on their philodendron’s? My Florida Ghost is out of control 🤩 #NewGrowth #PropagationStation #HappyPlants #GrowLights #
ohmygoodness, do you notch it then apply paste or just paste it?
also welcome to Greg!
Noooo, but just added to my cart! 🙋🏿‍♀️ ty!
@RJG apply a small amount to tip of toothpick and apply to a growth point and sit back as the sorcery takes place.
@ForFoxSake no notching?then just like dab it? 🧐🧐might try this w my high variegation ppp 🤔🤔🤔
No notching required. Use only after your plant is well rooted or you might stress the plant out. So many growth points exhausts a lot of energy so balance that out with some good lighting and proper nutrients.
@RJG it works like magic on PPP!! Mine is literally a bush now
@ForFoxSake did it lower variegation or anything ? Mine is still young but super pretty already.
@RJG works amazing on monstera albo nodes also.
@ForFoxSake dude I hope you stick around. You've got baller plants and great tips.
@RJG no. I think it’s showing splashes typical of PPP the variegation is unpredictable but present on each leaf
@RJG I am finding that most of my plants are unknown species in the app 😭 I’ve tried to click the link to add them to Greg but nothing happens.
I can help with that if you give me a list. Can work on it first thing in the morning!
Also if you send screen record of what's happening when you try to add plant to we'll look into why it's not letting you!
@RJG let’s sync up. I am a software engineer with ~20 years of experience with enterprise level applications so I can hopefully communicate my pain points in a way that aligns with your backlog
@ForFoxSake Wow! Just bought some keiki paste to try on some philos! Welcome to Greg! So glad to have you and your knowledge!
@AwesomePlants if it’s from Amazon cancel your order I can suggest a much better product.
Day one experience is huge so it'd be great to hear your feedback.
This ghost cannot be contained
I just got a PPP today but also have a very green McColley Finale - what is this magic paste you speak of??? Never heard of it
I have a baby PPP would love to know more about this paste. 🤓 Sounds and looks pretty darn magical
@ForFoxSake this a no go? Which do you suggest instead?
@Vinxy2 traditionally used to propagate orchids however it has similar results for most aroids. You apply a thin film of this vitamin rich paste to a growth point on your plant and it will trigger growth of an aerial root or new leaves. When applied to orchids a brand new plant grows from the node called a keiki
@AwesomePlants This is the secret ingredient from a wizard with a phd in biochemistry and biomedical sciences. Don’t overdo it especially on a small plant. A little goes a long way!
@ForFoxSake I understand now you are a plant wizard!!!🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️ Lol
@ForFoxSake Feel free to email me at and we can figure out a time to sync up.

Also I'm ordering some of this magic keiki paste right now.
Have you ever used the paste on a ficus after notching? I'm wondering if this would be good to promote branch growth too. 🤔
Welcome to Greg, Casey. This is a great thread and I'm excited to see what other cool "secrets" you share with us. 🥰🌱🌵🌿💛
@RJG yes just train the tree to bend so the top is upside down similar to bonsai to promote new branches from the bottom nodes. Don’t bend it so much that it breaks but gradually over time. The result will be a bushier tree with multiple growth points.
@RJG use a wire hanger or bonsai wire to reinforce the bend. The tree will grow new branches without pruning or slotting as it needs the sun to survive. Very cruel looking but it works for all trees. Gradually increase the bend over time and after 2 months you should see new growth. You can start to gradually release the bend and correct the shape of the tree just as you did initially to bend it. The result will be a multiple branch ficus
@OKIEgrnthmb wizard in training
Bookmarking this thread because there is a wealth of knowledge here. I think I need the sorcery paste for my Strawberry Shake philo

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