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I need help identifying this new cactus I got yesterday. I can’t find anything definitive online honestly. Anything helps. Thanks :) #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #GrowLights #PlantID #WhatPlantIsThis
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My search shows it as a corkscrew cactus.
@Sassylimey is dead on!
@Sassylimey thats awesome thank you so much!
Corn cob!!!
Please be carefull!!! They have a white milky sap that seeps out when ever they get a cut or something breaks (or you barely brush against itL and it'll seep out. It's toxic and will most definitely cause your skin to itch and burn like a mothafaka so please wear gloves and handle and handle care
This is my euphorbia! His name is baesilβ™₯︎
@KrunchyWrap Thank you I had no idea. I’ll definitely be careful now that I know that.
@KrunchyWrap baesil is the cutest. Love the hat!
Most definitely because I've gotten it on my hands before and it is not pleasant at all and I didn't even do anything but fairly brush against the top of the head of it and one of his little goofy hair looking things I guess broke off and he started oozing out and I had no idea and it got on me and it burns like a mother lover make sure if you have pets to keep them away from it because they will have severe vomiting and more if they eat it. They cut so easily. One if mine will to it if it's just touched in any way. Crazy but they are such rad plants
@KrunchyWrap dang that really does sound touchy. I’ll be sure to be careful. And it’s on a shelf way away from pets so hopefully safe there too. I appreciate all the information
@Oogoost no worries! That's what the wonderful Greg is for 😊

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