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I gifted the last rooted cutting of my 19 year old jade plant yesterday. So doesn’t that mean I am officially down a plant so I can get a new one? Right? Isn’t that a cardinal rule? #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict
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Rules? 🤯 You’ve kept a plant alive for 19 years! You get 19 new plants! 😂
@Kace THIS IS THE BEST ANSWER EVER! If I only had room…..
There are rules here? No one warned me 🥺. I’ve kept myself alive for 60 years— now I guess I HAVE TO get 60 new plants! I’m off to the nursery. Time’s a wastin 😍🥰😘
@Annasea Sounds like a great day!! Get 61!
Absolutely! And since you were charitable, you deserve the reward of a second plant! 😇😇😇
All of these folks have great points! I agree—get all the plants. Life’s too short not to!
@Annasea Rules are meant to be broken 😞
The only rule of plant club is there are no rules

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