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My son's artwork ft the 2 pachiras we have. I love their new leaves, exact miniature but starts off so tiny and slender #happyplants #plantart #plantsmakepeoplehappy #freshleaffriday
β™₯︎ beautiful! I will always support any and all art bc it's the perfect way to show tid bits of our hearts and soul β™₯︎ is really good work though !
His artwork is wonderful but holy moly the pretzel thing that one plant is doing is so stinkin cool!!!
@KrunchyWrap @WickedValkyrie thanks. I even showed him ur warm comments. It made him smile ear to ear 😁
Its stem braiding. When we bought him, he was already braided
The art was the first thing that caught my eye. So vibrant and fun. Keep at it!😊
@Sleepysunday good I'm glad it made him smile! Tell him to never give up on it (no matter what form of art it is they all are amazing and super important to one's mental health in my opinion) I've been doing anything artsy craftsy for 31 years now and still make a point to do it. It's It's great outlet and the world just needs more artβ™₯︎
Not finished but make this for my litte girlβ™₯︎ excuse the mess I am a messy disorganized painter lol
Art is everything, everything is art β™₯︎

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