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So I just found this on it’s back squirming around on my kitchen floor. It’s HUGE, it’s 1 1/2’ and keeps curling its butt in. I love saving bees 🐝 but if it’s some kind of murderous wasp it will be relocated. Help!!
@Jilliebeanstalk pick it up with a towel and kill it. They give me the creeps. Good luck πŸ€ and don’t get stung 🐝. I agree with everyone, it is a wasp.
@KikiGoldblatt no way!! Bees are beneficial. It’s kinda fuzzy so it might be nice 😊
Looks like a nasty European wasp, it's got a nasty sting, I got stung by one a few years ago.
@Jilliebeanstalk that's not a bee. That's a wasp. Bees will never get that big and are normally fuzzy this guy looks like a pest and should be killed. You should also check the perimeter of your house for wasp nest.
@Jilliebeanstalk kill it that's a wasp... Not a honey bee πŸ’—πŸ
@Jilliebeanstalk I have been bitten by them too many times and they hurt like crap so anytime I see them I kill β€˜em.
This isn’t a bee! Here is a slightly sweary infographic to show the difference
Wasps / hornets (which I think the guy you found is) have a pinched middle section and have defined bands of colour. Bees are fuzzy, friendly and generally have a smoother transition between colours on their bodies 🐝
@KikiGoldblatt @Sassylimey @melodey @Nallon thanks gals. I’ll be spraying all around the house today since we do get several wasp nests under the eaves in the summers. I think it’s dead πŸ’€ it’s gotta bee a queen. πŸ‘ΈπŸ»
I think we have a winner!!! @Sassylimey was the closest. European hornet!!
@Jilliebeanstalk no problem! Would hate for you to get stung by that beastly thing! Yikes! 😡 Hopefully that was the only rogue wasp lol
@Jilliebeanstalk that's right, they are aggressive and nasty, the sting is horrendous. Unfortunately I get them around my hummingbird and oriole feeders.
@KikiGoldblatt @Jilliebeanstalk @sassylimey Unless they start building nests, hang around you or pets/kids, you have an allergy, or are truly scared of them, please try not to kill them!

Wasps are just as important pollinators as bees, and our native plants depend on them 🐝

I swear I’m like the Lorax for bugs πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
@Kiersten I don't like killing anything, unfortunately I'm highly allergic and they bombard my hummingbird and oriole feeders, they've gotta go πŸ™πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
@Sassylimey If you’ve got an allergy, then spray away!
@Kiersten I save them. I spray the house preventatively near the doors since hubby is allergic. The ones up high don’t bother us.

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