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Got a dreamy #RoseCalathea yesterday and my first #RubberPlant ✨ if you guys have any specific advice for it i’d love to hear!
The calathea i put in a mix of its own soil with pon and the rubber plant in a peat/french bark/perlite mix (cus i ran out of pon lol), both in self watering pots ✨
Also replaced my small humidifier with a tiny waterfal thingie in my #PlantCabinet thats keeping humidity well around 85% without me refilling it ever day, so im super happy with it!! #HappyPlants #selfwateringplanter #PlantShelfie #PLANTMAFIA #PlantTherapy
Seems like you are giving the best condition. Your calathea will definitely appreciate the humidity. Mine hates direct light of which may burn the leaves.
Your ficus is much more low maintenance but it would like its leaves to be wiped once in a while to rid of dust, keep it shiny and lets it photosynthesize better.
The only things I know about Calathea is that they like humidity and to cause drama πŸ˜‚

Your ficus however is one of my favorites! Due to the variegated, try to keep it in the brightest, indirect light as possible. Or lots of morning light, before it gets too hot. Long story short, the white pieces can burn easily and don't make food for the plant so you want enough sun for the green parts to provide all the nutrients and keep it from reverting. Honestly, they are super easy plants and it'll be fine wherever you place it. It just could lose some color. Also, err on the side of drier than wetter. They get upset if they are wet/soggy for too long!
Biggest tip w Calatheas is they're very particular about their water. I would only used rain or distilled water for them.
Very beautiful!!!!! Wow wow wow!!!!! Humidity is a friend of calatheas ....good move with the humidifier!!🀩πŸ₯°
Sounds like you know what your doing.
I don’t use Pon but from what I’ve seen it’s good at keeping the right soil moisture for calathea.
Sounds like you did all the right things.
Best of luck 🌿
I love my Calatheas! Yours is beautiful! Indirect light is their preference, and keep their soil humid but not wet. Good luck!
@RJG honestly, i havent had trouble so far! Havent gone through the trouble of making distilled water or collecting rain water (i live in an apt building) and so far neither of my calatheas have complained abt the water - given, i let it sit for 24hrs+ before watering; i think its because the tap water here is safe to drink and is generally very soft
@Vinxy2 i was worries it might dry off quickly but i think even without the self watering pots is a great medium for them!
@Dems so you have a a lot experience with Pon? Where did you buy it??
@Vinxy2 just my local big box store! I live in Bulgaria though, id try checking online!
@Dems yea. Ok. Definitely not at my big box store so will look online thanks

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