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Soo Guess who spaced put and forgot that elephant ears can be slightly toxic? And Guess who was chip chop choppity, removing possibly diseased bits and did so with their NAKED PHALANGES? AND CAN YOU GUESS WHO HAS FLAMING PHALANGES NOW?!?! I'll give you a hint... πŸ‘‰my dumbassπŸ‘ˆ I already have really sensitive skin (bar soap with color dye will cause a chemical like burn on my skin, almost every make up cause blisters or acne and my hands get so dry the crack and bleed and no amount of Vaseline can relieve it) so my already super dry and painful hands just got woke tf up by the insane itching and burning cause me being a cheese weasel. Sheer poppycock. Uggghhhhhh literally just dipped my hands in a bowl or cortisone cream attempting for relief as I was the hives for. πŸ˜‘ #krunchytime #damnit #thunderdome #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #planttherapy #plantmafia #plantaholic #greggang
Oh nooooo! I use cortisone for hives and funny you’re having this issue as I accidentally ate onions and now I’m breaking out in hives! Good luck and always wear gloves no matter what πŸ˜©πŸ’–
Bahaha I’m just here for the fantastical word play. Carry on.
Your posts absolutely crack me up πŸ˜‚. Hope you don’t suffer for too much longer.
Oy! My poor friend! I feel for your flaming phalanges and I do hope the cortisone cools you off. I do admit I giggled but my heart is with you. The itches are no fun.
Get better soon! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸŒ±
Aww so sorry hun! I hope you’re feeling better 🫢 I’m terrible 🀣 I’m always picking at my plants with my hands and I have sooo many toxic babies πŸ˜… it’s like I’m staring into the future, it’s bound to happen to me one day!
I’m sorry to hear your hurting. As far as your skin…have you tried triamicinolone ointment or eucrisa? My son has bad eczema and those two things REALLY help him.οΏΌ I hope you feel better soon. @KrunchyWrap
@LatiTish84 I've tried triamcinolone for me and my 3 year old and it didn't help. Never heard of eucrisa bit ill definitely search for and give it a shot. So far I found something with a lot of coconut oil in it and it's helps but I literally have to coat my hands every 15 minuets or so. @HoyaAddict @kscape you would think after all the black widow and getting into neem and getting the sap from euphorbias on me would have made me learn my lesson. I just don't have great feeling in my hands already, most of the time my fingers are completely numb so wearing gloves is difficult as hell bc I can't get a good grab or I grab too aggressively. I'm glad it gave you the giggles 😁 always joyed to know I brought giggles and smiles to others. @ManyLime I'm glad you laugh, always a treat giving someone the giggles lol but it's the burning that's driving me crazy! @YammieOf3 @JuicyDelight stoked to have brought you guys some laughter! 😁
@KrunchyWrap I don’t know if eczema is anything like psoriasis but I cured mine using sandalwood oil. It might be more beneficial for you than just coconut oil. I hope you feel better bed wetter. 🀣
Girl! Oh no! That’s the worst. Feel better soon β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή
My fav thing about it, is that it’s steroid free. @KrunchyWrap
@JuicyDelight I'll definitely keep an eye put for that too. Honestly I don't care what it is or for, if hemorrhoid cream would relieve the itching and pain hell I would use it. Lol so going to borrow your feel better bed wetter . Lmao never heard that one before.
@LatiTish84 oh that's awesome thank you so much hun! β™₯︎
OMG @KrunchyWrap how miserable for you. I hope your hands heal up ok.
I lost it when you said you'd try hemorrhoid cream 🀣 I have heard of people using hemorrhoid cream for wrinkles. However it's supposed to stop itching and pain. It's not funny that you're in pain, hope your hands feel better πŸ₯°β€οΈπŸ’―
Poppycock is right!!! Ouch girl. The cortisone 10 cream doesn’t work on me but the roll on one does wonders!!! Especially for the squiter bites and anything itchy.

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