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I’m asking for some
assistance here! I have a
Fiddle Leaf Fig which I have
never owned before! it has
gotten great big brown spots
on the leaves I checked and
found webbing and by the
time I checked it-the leaves
really started turning then! I
sprayed it with Neem oil
under the leaves and on top
and on the stem! but it
seems to have gotten worse I
set it outside for now! is
there any hope for this plant? Everything I’ve read sounds like it’s probably hopeless! 💔 #PlantGraveyard #PlantAddict #SadPlant!
@RJG I think your expertise is require here #FicusKing 🌝
Hmmm. I would cut back all the dead then keep it in a night but shady spot. Ficus are fighters so there is a chance!
Signs of being overwatered and leaves not being cleaned. Webbing is from spider mites and browning is over watering issues. Check the roots and cut back the mushy parts. Get fresh soil and sanitize the heck out of the pot. Give it some chunky soil mix and do as @RJG says. They like sips of water and indirect bright light. Keep its leaves clean and it should recover in baby steps. Don’t forget to repeat checkups for more mites. If they keep coming back, go for a fogger outside at night targeted for just spider mites. Then focus on cleaning the trunk and leaves every three days for two to three weeks to make sure they don’t come back. Best of luck! 🌿
Keep treating with Neem as it sounds like spider mites! Also, Neem can burn the leaves when in the sun so apply it in the evening!
I had just re-potted this plant about 3 to 4 weeks ago! I don’t think I was watering it enough because I was going 9-10 days at a time without watering but the soil that I was using was holding water! And this is an inside plant away from the window when it is getting direct sunlight! 
Thank you everybody I’m gonna cut all the dead leaves off and see what happens and keep treating it for the spider mites with neem oil!

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