Posted 1M ago by @GiftedRainbow

Remember I repotted Zena into a fun pot that I painted? Well she felt the vibe and I think she’s coming alive. She’s grown so much just in the couple of weeks since repotting. #HappyPlants #itsalive #NightvalePlants #itsalive
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
Here she is when I first potted her.
That pot is so cool, I love that it brings out the purple highlights in your Zebrina 😍
I remember seeing when you first potted her! I absolutely love this pot STILL!!!! I’m happy to see she’s THRIVED so much 😍🤩 She’s living her best life ✨
@keetnasmith thank you! As soon as I finished I knew exactly which plant was going in it.
@LeighannM thank you! I feel like she understood the assignment when I potted her in this pot haha. Those alien tendrils reaching out for you…

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