Posted 3w ago by @ThePlantDadLife

I am now the proud papa to 3 #alocasia thanks to a friend who sent me these Amazonica and Silver Dragon babies today! I really want to be good at Alocasia, so she spared some pups from hers for me to "practice" on! #alocasiaaddicts #theplantdadlife #greggang #northtexasgreggang #greginyourcity #happyplants
They look great ! I have some soil tips if you ever need any !
so cute !!!
@Kingofsucculent I'll take 'em! This is my own "pon" prop mix that was approved by the Alocasia Queen these came from. But I like to expirement to see what works best for me.
Awww pretty 😍 πŸ’“ babies. What a great friend ❀️
@ThePlantDadLife one mix that works great for these I have found is half orchid bark and half tropical soil mix , and sprinkle slow release fertlizer pellets and a good granular systemic ! They have made so many babies for me !
@Kingofsucculent thanks for the tips!

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