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⚠️WARNING: This post may make people either cringe, get m...

⚠️WARNING: This post may make people either cringe, get mad, or... all of the above...I possibly either made the best decision, or the worst....⚠️
I decided last night to try propagating Sam. The bottom leaves have been shriviling up and dying a lot. But the top half is beautiful and green! I checked the roots, and they are not rotted. They looked great! So I ended up assuming, yet again, it was a light problem only getting the top half somehow. I did notice new growth on the bottom of the stem. So I decided, "Why not use the new growth at the bottom to my advantage?" And I decided to research propagating. 😬
I'm very scared that something will go wrong, knowing my luck. But I had to try! I'll never learn if I don't try it.
While I was at it, I gave Sam a new pot and made my own soil mixture for better grit and space for his roots. And I even decorated it a bit! 🩷 I will update soon if I see anything good happening... or if he dies 😓 we'll just have to keep trying until we get it right. I suppose if this doesn't work.
5” pot with drainage
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Yes, please keep us posted! I would like to get better at propagating myself so will take any advice you stumble upon in your adventures!
@GoldRye I will for sure!! 🫶
wishing you the best!! his leaves +the top will almost fs grow roots from past experience and do well. very intrigued to see how the bottom stem w the baby shoots turns out! i’ve never tried propagating with a big chop like that
@spikyyyy So far he seems to handle it well! He's obviously formed a calus over the top, but other than that doesn't seem to be dying! The top seems to be growing at the bottom (roots!), but I want to leave my leaves alone for now until a week or so to check their progress. So far so good though!!
@tumberlne can’t wait to see the future progress 🤩