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Early evening; the uninvited guest. Wow, they're so cute....

Early evening; the uninvited guest. Wow, they're so cute. Gecko #Peperomia #plantsmakepeoplehappy #peperomiapals #greggang #happyplants
Hello Mr. Gecko! Adorable! 🦎
How cuteee
Hello ii i ii i i
They are adorable for sure. I find it interesting to watch how they breathe and how their heart beats. You can do it, because they have a see-through body. 🦎 @SunnyPlants
He is checking out your Oasis! 😄
He's kinda my pet. I see him every evening. He's hanging around my plants. No more bugs flying around plants, and the sure meal for him. That's a win win. 😁 @UltraKoreanfir
Now I want one just to control bugs!
I'm sure you can get one in a pet shop. People keep them in terrariums, but mine is a wild one and is roaming in my bathroom. 🤗 @UltraKoreanfir
@SvelteKingfern Oh, HAH! It's your reptilian roommate 🦎 😁
@SvelteKingfern feeling any better?
Yep, 🦎 it is.

Thank you. I'm feeling much better. What a relief. 2 weeks ago the pain was unbearable, debilitating. I wouldn't wish that pain even to my enemy. @UltraKoreanfir
@SvelteKingfern I'm so glad it's finally getting better. It definitely makes me think more about going to get a shingles vaccine.
Vaccines are one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine; they save lives (90% effectiveness against shingles). Now I have the immunity for shingles, but I'll definitely get vaccinated next year. Some people can get shingles twice . @UltraKoreanfir
I talked with a doctor. More and more young people are getting shingles, because if you have had covid, it messes up with your immune system. @UltraKoreanfir
Bummer! Covid just reeked havoc out of everything and everyone.
Damn right @UltraKoreanfir
I thought it was over with this havoc created by covid. I was the unlucky one.
I love geckos! I’ve held them before at a birthday party!