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it’s christmas for my country tomorrow so i’d like to appreciate my greg “family”, or the people i talk most often to here! @KikiGoldblatt my internet aunt!! you’re always such a lovely person to talk to :) you have so much love to give and such a warm and accepting vibe, no wonder your plant babies are so happy living with you <3 thank you for the wholesome interactions and all the encouragement! you’re the first online friend i’ve truly considered to be family.
@RJG the ficus king himself! you’re very knowledgeable on the #FicusGang and i love how you’re always willing to help out users who are struggling with their own ficus, i was afraid i’d be annoying you by tagging you on ficus posts but you’re always very supportive!!
@cjred the plant parent i aspire to be! you have rare and super cool plants and somehow know how to keep them happy and thriving in spite of the minimal care instructions on the internet. i’m always so honored to have you compliment my own plants!!
@motherofplants we haven’t talked much yet but i can really feel the love and care you give your plants, your username really fits your nurturing mom vibe! thank you for the kindness you’ve shown me and many other users here, you’re definitely going to be my role model if i ever have kids :)
@Hypsie my fellow crystal and succulent enjoyer! i always love to see your posts and plants, you have a great sense of humor, the #philodendronderrieres always makes me giggle! also love your creative plant names <3

and last but not least, the greg team (can’t tag all of you so #GregFeedback)! thank you for creating greg, it’s definitely my favorite app ^^ i love that you’re so close to us users, interacting with our posts and keeping note of our suggestions :) i wouldn’t have met the lovely people above without you guys, and i wouldn’t have learnt so much about houseplants other than my own. i got to know so many new, interesting species through this app and it helped me appreciate plants even more! looking forward to future updates on this app and journeying with yall 🌱 #GregRocks
oops wrong person!! philodendron thing belongs to @thefoliagegirl. but still love your plant names @Hypsie !!!
aww thanks @voidnuggets
oh i almost forgot, to all my lgbt+ friends here; i know christmas is often a family event, and it can really suck having to spend time with the people you love as someone you’re not. sometimes during reunions people can ask you if you have a husband/wife yet or misgender you and it’s a super shitty feeling. i want to tell you that no matter what people expect of you, you are valid and amazing as who you REALLY are inside, you don’t have to try and fit into the mold that they have for you! me, my plants and your plants all wish you a merry christmas <3
@voidnuggets your Aunt Kiki loves you. You have been so amazing 😻 with me and have helped me so much. ❤️❤️😍😍
@KikisOasis love you too !!!
@voidnuggets merry Christmas to you and your fam! Gotta love the season in JP now 😃
@cjred yeah it’s great!! cool and great for walks :) unfortunately it’s going to get colder in the next few weeks so i have to stay at home if not i’ll freeze! well at least i get to spend more time with my plants and my family 😌
@voidnuggets Oh thank goodness lol I want to be in this post! I do love crystals & succulents 😍
@voidnuggets This post gives me Christmasy warm & fuzzies 💕
Loooove this @voidnuggets 🥰 @Kiersten shared with the #GregTeam. Getting to see the community blossom and meet people like you, the others in this thread, and others in the community has been my favorite part of the journey by far!! Thank you for being such a positive part of the fam ☺️🌱
@Hypsie glad my post made you happy <3 also opinion on the ‘little jewel’ succulent? 👀 i feel like that one is the ultimate plant for crystal and suc lovers
@alex aww no problem!!! greg really is a wholesome and supportive community and i love that so much <3 sometimes i see beginner plant parents get made fun of on the internet- i’m so grateful to greg, this place is friendly and welcoming to new plant parents and we never ridicule others for their experience levels :) i think having a genuinely nice group of plant friends in greg would definitely encourage more people to get into the hobby!
A very merry Christmas to you @voidnuggets 💚 this absolutely made my day — we are so grateful to have you in our community. It’s been such a gift seeing all the connections and friendships being made.
@Kiersten this is nothing compared to what you and the greg team have done, this app made my year <3 thank you so much for working hard to give us a safe, comfy space to share our love for plants :)
@voidnuggets Yes! I want one 💎 Merry Christmas!
@voidnuggets I consider you family too doll. You are beautiful inside and out. Your an amazing person don’t never ever forget that. I love talking to you too! You have a special place in my heart! ❤️💯😘
Happy holidays to everyone 💚❤️
@voidnuggets ❤️❤️ Aunt Kiki loves you bunches. 😘😘🥰🥰
@KikisOasis love you too!! i’m so lucky to have such a sweet aunt, irl or not <3
What a lovely and kind post and person you are
@JferLuvsConifers thank you :)
@voidnuggets 💖🎄 thanks so much for the kind words and including me in this wonderful post! While we haven’t talked much, when we do I can tell you are a lovely soul, it shines through so brightly and I really value all the connections we have had! I hope you had an amazing and love filled holiday 💚❤️🌱 🥰
@motherofplants aww thank you!!! i hope we can talk more in the future, and that you’ll have a great holiday too <3
@voidnuggets aw thank you 🥰🥰🥰 I love seeing you on here too!

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