Posted 3w ago by @Roblovesplants

Nothing like getting home and taking a look at your precious plants😍🫠🫠. I’m so glad I was able to put them all together in one place☺️☺️.
@Roblovesplants Your plant collection looks fabulous. In the beginning I too had my plants all together in one place, but then my collection grew, and grew. And I had to split them up. Some needed more moisture, the cacti and succulents no moisture! So now my plants are pretty much all over the place, in clusters so to speak! The first picture are all pretty much drought tolerant plants, the tall shelving has a mix of both drought tolerant on top and less drought tolerant on the bottom; and the plants by the window all love humidity!
@Ms.Persnickety omg they look Soo good! I have some around the room still, but these are the ones that I was able to put all together haha. I love them all tho!

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