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Ok #GregGang I need your help
I am looking for plants that would work in my grandmothers basement. We’ve been over at her house helping her because she broke her foot and I have been wanting to do something with her basement for a while now anyways. I need a plant that doesn’t need much sun, water, or attention. It can be very damp down there so would a having a plant that only needs water would be a good idea? I think it could really use some plants. Maybe it could help with the air quality and dampness?
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I think that @SlimvilleTN is spot on! Replace those lights in the fixtures with grow lights! @ZestfullyDwarf has some really cool lights that she uses. They are called Daylight Lights. She gets them off eBay.

Drew is right- snakes are good.

My ZZ and my Syngonium hang out in my bathroom; they only get light when the lights are on.

The pothos would be good and also Aglaonemas and Chinese Evergreens are good lower light plants.

Regardless what you use, I would definitely keep the lights on downstairs if you have plants down there.
Here are some more photos of the basement
@sarahsalith do any of your over 381 plants sound like they would work for this?😂
@RJG Do you have any plants that would like these conditions?
Snake plant can live almost anywhere in theory
@RJG That sound good! I think I might do that one! Thanks!😁
Maybe some pothos or some syngoniums….I know they can survive in low light conditions but I’m not sure about basements…..maybe put a grow light or two down there with the plants u choose. I know they have grow lights that r on a timer, so u can set how long…I have some and it has a 3, 6, or 12 hour option on mine. Just a thought.
@SlimvilleTN I was thinking of that but there aren’t any outlets down there and I would be a little worried about putting one down there. Thanks for the advice though!
Oh!! I really hope your grandmother feels better soon. I know she's glad to have you around!
@sarahsalith Thank you!
@sarahsalith Thank you so much for all the help! I was also thinking of putting Solomon Seal down there so there will definitely be a variety!😁
Snake plants, spider plants, calathea would like the humidity and a grow light.
Oh and pothos and ferns
You could pot some host as and heuchera too
Heartleaf philodendron and some pothos would love sticking to those moist walls 🥰 they will grow smaller leaves and be a bit leggy but they can tolerate pretty low light. As said by others Zz plant, snake plant and cast iron plant would be great for low light too. A few cheap lights will be more than enough for these guys.
I thk snake plants and aglaonemas will do well. Easy and low maintenance too

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