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Majesty’s been looking a little sad since I accidentally ...

Majesty’s been looking a little sad since I accidentally overwatered her 🫣 I forgot to hit that button on the app! Yikes. Anyway, I decided to repot her in fresh soil and I’m glad I did because I realized I’d bought the perfect pot a few days ago. It’s a little bit smaller which helps (the first one was about an inch too big but it was the only one I had big enough at the time), and it’s unglazed on the inside and has a nice big drainage hole. Plus, cute! And since she wasn’t really digging the moss pole (I think because her long vines were already used to hanging, I read it’s best to train younger plants on them), I decided to give her a trellis which actually looks and works so much better. Her vines can go the way they want to now! So she got a full makeover today! And I’m using the moss pole on my new Philo Brasil. All’s well that ends well 🤗🪴💖 #PothosPack #MarbleQueenPothos #variegatedplants #variegationappreciation #PlantMakeover #Pothos #babevila #GregGang
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
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Can I just say that it is comments and posts like this that all make me truly filled with joy on this app? We are all completely silly people who get titillated over plant leaves and plant makeovers and it is joyful and wonderful and I love it here hahahah thank you all for being so wholesome and delightful 🥰
This is one of my dream plants. So beautiful 😍
@Ninabeena My email is in my bio, I’ll be happy to send you a cutting next time she’s ready (I’ve taken a bunch so I’m letting her rest right now lol)! If you decide to email, make sure you put Marble Queen or Greg app in the subject so I don’t accidentally delete it 🤗💚🌱
Such a beautiful plant 🌸🪴🥰
She’s absolutely stunning 😍 I’d never seen this particular variety. Pothos are such amazing plants, I absolutely love them. Happy growing, Majesty
@BabeVila …. Might I get in on this action as well!?? I am attempting to get one of each type of pothos over time and this one has also been a bucket list pothos baby 😍
@HonoredRosilla Just email me! 😇 I have a waiting list lol. Every time I take a few cuttings, I let her rest for a while before taking more so I don’t stress her out. I just sent some out this week, so it will be a couple months, but if you don’t mind the wait, I’ll be happy to! Just email me with your info 🤗🌱♥️ Some of us also started a plant swap club, I’ll find the post and tag you in it if you’re interested! It’s so fun getting and sending cuttings to each other ♥️
@HonoredRosilla PS, I’m also collecting Pothos! And Philodendron, and Syngonium, and aloes. Hahaha so I get it!
I’m hoping that the shop will have the ones that I want soon. I need a pink princess philo and some variegated beauties ❤️
@Ninabeena Walmart has Pink Princesses! I got mine there. It was only $20! And it’s gorgeous
@BabeVila omg I’m going there tomorrow and I will definitely be in the plant department ❤️ thank you so much for mentioning this.
@Ninabeena you’re welcome! 💚
She’s stunning 🤩