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Scored this "purchased rescue" ghost plant for $3.98! Ask...

Scored this "purchased rescue" ghost plant for $3.98! Asked for a discount because it wasn't looking too great, with one dead leaf in the pot. Give me ALL the info to keep this baby happy! Any ideas whats currently going on with it or is this it's look? I see small spots, discoloration.. #ghostplant #ghostecheveria #echeveria #succulentsquad
Wow what a rescue. Looks like some of mine with Farnia on it. That’s the white dust you see on the leaves right now. At least that’s what it looks like in the photos. it’s a good thing. It helps to protect it against harmful sun axes of water barrier stuff like that. I’ve got a link for you here so you can read up a little bit more on it. It says to also try not to remove it since the plant may have a hard time producing it again.,of%20sunburn%20and%20root%20rot.

hope that helps. once again beautiful find. οΏΌοΏΌ
My jellybean succs
As for me it looks fine.