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I love Coleus!!! These are currently on my porch for the ...

I love Coleus!!! These are currently on my porch for the spring/summer. I'm thinking I'll take them in when it gets below freezing and see how long I can keep them alive during the winter. Can you do that with these? Also, a sweet potato vine because it's pretty!! πŸ’œ
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Hi! Yes, you can overwinter coleus indoors, we did it at my office and it’s still thriving. We decided to leave it in the window since it’s so happy there πŸ’š
@BabeVila , oh yay! Thank you. That's so exciting, I really πŸ’œ their foliage so I would love to keep them alive for as long as I can! I will pot them up and bring them in when it gets too cold! 😁
This plant is one of my unfortunate losses! It was doing so well and one morning it just drooped sideways and melted. This is the reason I can’t ever let them know I like them. Because they will die to spite me πŸ˜‚
@TheOddAsity , yes they are so pretty, but I dare not say it around them! 🀭
It is totally managable keeping them indoors over winter.😊 Just remember to water πŸ˜† Although their colour might fade and they will become more flimsy during winter due to less light and still high temperature indoor. But it is just to give them a massive haircut in spring and they will get new healty growth in no time😊

I tried both having some in my livingroom and some in a spare bedroom with a cooler temperature and grow light. Both went fine, the ones in the cooler room (13-15 celsius) needed less watering only😊

It is also common to just take cuttings of the plants indoor during winter for new plants next season🌱 They root very easily in water.
@MockingJay , oh that is good to know! I'll be trying that this winter.