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Here’s a #plantproject for patient #AlocasiaAddicts ! If it’s super tall, diseased, or are they just not happy, did you know you can cut them back at the soil and they will grow back? Eventually? Haha, we have some here at the farm that just got WAYYYY TO BIG. So, we cut them back! I’ll do an update in a week or so! #plantproper #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewGrowth #PlantAddict
Guess what I did late last night because of your comment. 😉
@sarahsalith oooh let’s see it!
can those be rooted? or do they only propagate from the corms?
Be sure to pick a good one out for me! My husband is from Southeast Asia and was a refugee in Thailand in the 80s. Hopefully, he'll recognize the plant when it comes. I try to pick out plants that remind him of home so he doesn't get so upset that I have more! 🤣
@RJG the leaves? Nope, but they would make a pretty foliage arrangement for a few days!
@sarahsalith AHHH!! How exciting. One of my fave compact plants ever 😍
Oh! I sorta did something similar with my hateful Polly - it tossed all the leaves in response to my attempt at care and I didn't throw it away. Now I wait. ⏳
@sarahsalith Polly’s are a PAIN. we have some here actually. The one we cut is the Sarian
@jcPlantProper Pollys are on my NEVER AGAIN short list. Along with SOP and China Doll and Money Trees.
@sarahsalith YUP. not every plant is for us that’s for sure
@jcPlantProper look at those beauties. 💚💚🌱🌱💯💯❤️❤️
@sarahsalith looking for the perfect plant!
Love it! I'm excited to see it in person- I don't think I have anything like it!
@sarahsalith we have another kind of Schismatiglottis too. They’re such an interesting plant. They are good indicator plants too. When they’re dry they look DEAD.
@jcPlantProper okay- now THAT I'd like to see!

I'm really excited- thank you, Janai!! I just saw the email notification. 💚💚

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