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Box store bargains 🌿🌱 Heard places like Home Depot and Wa...

Box store bargains 🌿🌱 Heard places like Home Depot and Walmart were upping their game so I went to see what I could find πŸ‘€

We can ignore the calathea since she’ll likely die during the night just to spite me 🫢🏻
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Lovely!! 🌿 the big box stores are definitely stepping their game up. Also, I'm kinda afraid of Calatheas πŸ˜† so many unhappy stories.
I got a PPP at Walmart and she's freaking gorgeous. Also Lowe's is where I got my rattlesnake Calathea. Two of my fave plants I have!!
@JesssJungle They look great!! That rattlesnake is huge. I am happy box stores are finally picking up on the trend. One of the garden centers near me prices plants reasonably but the other is charging more than triple what I would pay online. Having the boxes supplying gives decent options.
My Lowes near me just got a shipment of bird of paradise plants in
@planthoe40 Awesome!! I heard Costco is starting to carry some speciality collector plants too.