Posted 3w ago by @jcPlantProper

Did I need a new plant? Do I know where I’m gonna put it? Nope. This Golden crocodile 🐊 is so pretttty. It’s a little spotty from the heat but it’s gonna thrive at my house. Can’t wait ! (Some 4” in stock tmrw #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #PhiloFlock #GoldenCrocodile #PhilodendronGoldenCrocodile #plantproper
So striking @jcPlantProper!!! That green doesn't even look real...
Look how vibrant the color is holy cow! 😍 And also do we ever need new plants? No , but do we always want new plants? Yes 😂🥰
Ahhh so pretty🙃
My Golden Croc that I got from PP is in my top 3 faves! You are going to love him!!
@TJphilobsessed ommgg she’s so cute!
That color! Wow! You definitely NEED that plant! It is beautiful.
@jcPlantProper Mine has like a silvery undertone and a little dark green streak! It is super cool!

You're gonna love yours too! Enjoy! You DESERVE a treat!

We like seeing your #plantproper "carry out" #PlantMail as well! 😁
@AwesomePlants hahah carry out! Yeah it’s spotting so we can’t sell it. It’s so unique!

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