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My Monsteras were pulled together for a their weekly shower and polish, and they are giving me life! Happy Monday! #HappyPlants #MonsteraMonday #MonsteraMob #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict
So pretty😍😍
@FitSedum OMG they are stunning. They look amazing in your white kitchen. What do you use for polish to make them shine?
Wow! πŸ₯°πŸ˜
They are magazine worthy!! 😍😍😍
@KikiGoldblatt I use Leaf Shine after their shower and after drying their leaves. You can find it at the local Big Box home improvement stores. Just shake it really well and spritz it onto the leaves or a soft cloth and wipe. I also do it early in the morning when there is little light in their designated room so there’s no risk of leaf scorch as the sun sets through the windows of that room. It’s never been an issue however I try to be careful.
@EagerPhlox thank you.
@CurrentLuscious thank you.
So beautiful!!! 😍
@FitSedum that picture belongs in a magazine. That’s how perfect it is. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸŒ±
They are beautiful!!! Between the plants and your gorgeous kitchen they both are giving me life. 🀩🀩🀩
Oh. My. Word.
omg 😍😍😍
@itsBritney_bish look at these!!!!
Gorgeous 😍.
So beautiful!
Yaaaaas #Monstera !!! Life indeed! They are gorgeous! Awesome job you #AwesomePlantParent !
Im not a monstera kind of gal but they are Beautiful 😍!!
Wow!! So beautiful. Mine is struggling. Any advice??
Those Monsteras are stunning, and obviously thriving under your care, WOW 🌿🌱πŸ₯°πŸ’š
Just wow! Stunning!
Just gorgeous😍
@FitSedum this is AMAZING!!
Gorgeous plants and kitchen
What's your secret @FitSedum ?!
Gorgeous… But that double oven 😍😍 Love your kitchen
You can polish plants? What the heck?
Wow!! Do you live inside a magazine?? Gorgeous
Gorgeous!! Wow, they look so happy!
They look far better than mine. Their doing the droop.
They are gorgeous and I love all the white in your kitchen! Looks like a picture in a magazine!
@iAmErica thank you.
@KikiGoldblatt thank you! This is what my husband said when he saw them. ☺️
@WholeRockcress thank you!
@TaylorMdeBloomz thank you! I do love my kitchen and my plants, and I’m happy to hear they are giving you life!
@Pegster thank you!
@joshuawold thank you!
@AwesomePlants thank you!
@leafbaby thank you!
@NMazon thank you!
What do you polish them with
@Pothead777 thank you. Here are my tips on growth and beauty: Set them in a south facing windowed room. Make sure you turn their leaf system towards the window they are going to get the most light from. I occasionally turn mine 1/4 way so the leaves can spread open and most shade one another too much. They are never on the floor unless it’s bath time or in this case - picture time. They sit up on tables so furniture does not obstruct their daylight source. I have an overhead light (room’s chandelier) and lamps that I leave on all day so they get optimal light. They get a weekly shower right after copper fungicide spritz to prevent disease. I feed them liquid orchid food (1 pump) in planters larger than 8 inches and get a gentle watering right after so I reserve fertilizing for a day where they need an extra bit of watering that week. I think of it as a treat for them. There is a large humidifier in the room that runs low about 4 hours per day. I also use a 360 handheld mister to further humidify their leaves if my humidity gauge drops under 50 due to our air conditioning system. I run an oscillating fan in the room to prevent stagnant air. I also have a Bluetooth speaker in the room where every morning, they have Vivaldi’s Four Seasons streamed into the room at a low setting. This happens if I’m home but if not, I ask my daughter to speak to them and give them a tiny bit of water so they can pick up on our energy and attention to them. We have my anthuriums in the same room, my Gloriosums, and regal shield, and two Monstera Albos in the same room so we have to have rainforest-like environment to support their growth. I also only let them all grow in a mixture of orchid bark, long spagnum, tropical soil, Leca, charcoal, and pumice in liners where water can drain out fast and prevent root issues as well as fungus problems. I know this sounds like a lot but it’s a habit and I get three to four leaves every two weeks for about an entire month per plant then they rest. I use leaf shine by MG to polish them because I understood that their leaves are like solar panels: they have to be cleaned on a weekly basis in order to synthesize maximum energy. It’s our trending joke at home and wherever we have been growing cuttings from these mother plants. Oh, and regarding the lights and lamps we leave on, we turn them off at night so the plants can rest. If I can’t give them a shower on schedule, I give them a good misting and pour a little water around the edge of their pots while keeping in mind that they will still get a shower in a few days so I try not to overwater. Shower days are when they sit on the shower floor with room temperature water showering their leaves which hardly gets into the soil. They get a French of water right after the shower and are left to drain and indulge in any humidity in said shower.

If you play Four Seasons, opt for Spring and Winter. They respond to these best. And sometimes, just sitting there enjoying coffee with them and reading out loud helps too. It took a while for this progress but they need to get used to you. This is a restful moment we can create for ourselves, too.

That’s all I do and it’s pretty therapeutic yet highly rewarding when I get to see them like this! I hope my regimen can help yours! Best of luck!
@Sassylimey thank you.
@Shaubplantshack thank you.
@GMNplants thank you.
@alex thank you.
@AshleyK thank you.
@plantiful thank you.
@poisonivy213 I added it as a response to pothead77. I offered details on all I do for them. You’re welcomed to read it. ☺️
@PrettyBlooms thank you.
@SendU2TheER it is highly recommended to clean their leaves so they can absorb maximum daylight. I accidentally called them solar panels once I understood that they grew less when they were not clean. The leaf shine product cleans them up really well. Neem oil does it too. You have to remember to shake the bottle after spritzing every leaf while polishing them one leaf at a time. Not all plants like this. Monstera definitely do benefit from this, and so does the regal shield alocasia. Normally, plants don’t like to be touched and groped by strangers or passers-by. They do get to know you and your finesse and they learn to look forward to your personal care of them. They grow faster too.
@BustlingBlueash thank you.
@Jilliebeanstalk LOL, no, I don’t. It’s just home to me. Thank you. ☺️
@wolfwoman thank you. May I offer a bit of a advice? Move them closer to the window where they will get more light. There is a response I made to pothead77 with everything I do. And yes, there ar me times the leaves may drop a little. It’s a sign they need air movement and more light. If you can, place them on a plant stand that raises them high enough to where your furniture does not obstruct their exposure to light.
@BossChayote thank you.
@SolidIrishmoss I use Leaf Shine by MG and a flour sack cloth.
Beautiful πŸͺ΄
@FitSedum that’s it?? πŸ˜‚ I’m jelly. Goals….
@Kelly4444 thank you.
@Jilliebeanstalk 😁 That’s it. That’s all I do. It’s not hard once you get the hang of it. At first, I was overwhelmed but now, I look forward to their shower and polish day. I do it at night and stay up reading while they drain. Or I just listen to a tv show while I clean their leaves and check for pests that may sneak in. πŸ˜…

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