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(Not so) happy Monday ! Last night my beloved cat olive (first pic is the culprit) was chasing around a fly? Possibly licking the rain water off my plants ? Who knows.. anyways I hear the gut wrenching sound of a ceramic pot.. I come around the corner and wouldn’t you know my #Succulents had taken a beating πŸ˜…. I mean she really did a number on the thing. She’s never done anything like this before but I mean the leaves were just dangling on for life.. it was tragic and heartbreaking even though olive didn’t know what she did. However, all the leaves are able to be propagated so hopefully I’ll get some new plants out of it.πŸ€­πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ #CatsOfGreg #tragedy #PetsAndPlants #SucculentSquad
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Just saw this little stray one sitting in the bowl outside a little while ago. It’s too small to knock my plants over right now.
Apex predator strikes
That pic of Olive really portrays her as a little 😈 devil. 🀣

I'm glad you are seeing the silver lining (potential for more plants).
@SirLiquorice Awfully adorable little baby.
@SirLiquorice lol I would be trying to take all the strays to live with me in my oasis 🀣🫣
@UltraKoreanfir oh I know πŸ€£πŸ˜… that’s what I was going for she’s awfully good at fooling people
@TidyTigerpear she had 10 babies so it’s too many to save them all. She had 4 and then had another 6 after a few months later
Their mother likes to hide them in one of my empty pots out front. Both litters she hid them in a empty pot up here on the second floor. So they can’t fall out and it’s a nice hiding spot with all my cacti forest to hide behind
I have been having to clean some of their eyes. They get that eye infection and can’t see with all the gunk and puss. I have antibiotics for them but need to get more eye wash and wipes
@SirLiquorice omg I’m in love !!! Cactuses and cats what more could you want πŸ˜…
@SirLiquorice that’s nice of you I’m sure the mom appreciates your goodwill lol!
@TidyTigerpear I had lots of help and donations from @AnthuriumQueen and Kadie from here on the Greg app. They donated for the first litter of 4 kittens. Wipes and antibiotics for their eyes and a bed and flea comb and nail clipper and litter and food. I wouldn’t have been able to help the kittens without them. I have the antibiotics thanks to them so I should still be able to help the kitties. I just need more wipes and eye wash on payday. That $15 bottle of eye wash lasted longer than expected but I didn’t expect 6 more kittens either. I am not going to just let them die from a eye infection if I am able to help. It sad when they can’t open their eyes and see well
@SirLiquorice Can you catch the Momma so she can be spayed and not have any more?
@UltraKoreanfir yeah that is what I was thinking about doing just not sure where I can have that done affordably. There used to be a truck that would do that but not anymore. I might be able to find a low cost place. Some places require them to have all their shots first I think.
@UltraKoreanfir I don’t want to just call animal control since not sure what they would do. The mom has been here since she was born just like these others so she trusts me.
That definitely makes it easier!

I will help if you get a Greg collection going.
@SirLiquorice I don’t know if they have this in Ohio where you’re from but in North Carolina my community has this program it’s called catch neuter release and they capture wild cats and spay and neuter them so they’re not able to keep having babies and then release them back in the wild where they’re from and it’s free maybe your community will have something similar.
@TidyTigerpear I am in Texas. They might have something similar here but it does seem to be more difficult to find a low cost place now compared to years ago. Or if they are cheap, then it may be difficult to get an appointment. Already booked
@SirLiquorice wow ! It makes me so happy the people here on Greg, that love to help each other and even animals !! I swear this app is like a different universe sometimes for me, considering the crazy things happening everyday in the β€˜real world’.. well I would love to be able to make a donation or help in anyway possible on my next payday as well not sure how I can get in touch with you or do this, but just let me know & I would love to also contribute to the #CactusKitties ! (:
@SirLiquorice also, I know a North Carolina if you receive any type of benefits from the government, they also have a program where they spay and neuter animals for free. I’m sure there are some options for you!
@SirLiquorice IDK why I said Ohio I think I was thinking of @Dustmite πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I feel your pain of loosing a plant. My pup ate one of mine recently πŸ˜‚. Thankfully it was pet friendly. You could try contacting a rescue (like an SPCA) and see if they have any recommendations or suggestions for low cost neuter/spay in your area.
@TidyTigerpear and @UltraKoreanfir this is what we did for the first litter of kittens. Made a wish list on Amazon. The main things I need now to save their eyes are eye and ear wipes and or eye wash solution for kittens. That eye wash I bought last time from pets smart worked great and lasted for a lot of uses. They don’t need much else since neighbors are feeding them, but nobody is helping with their eye infections and that’s what they need the most to survive. I wish it was payday already so I could at least buy the eye wash they need now. This is the wish list Help for kittens - Amazon Gift List -
The bottle in the first pic is what I bought and just ran out. Works great. It’s basically a salt water solution for eye cleaning I believe. The antibiotics I still have a full tube of in the second pic. Thanks to previous donations. So I think all I would need are gloves maybe and definitely eye wash and or eye wipes.
Hi. 😊
@TidyTigerpear and @UltraKoreanfir I just went outside to check on them. The one with the orange spot on their head is the one I’m worried about most. Their eyes were worse yesterday before I cleaned them
@SirLiquorice this is you?

Packages should arrive Wednesday & Thursday.
@UltraKoreanfir oops didn’t tag you. Yes that’s me
@SirLiquorice πŸ˜‚ GOOD! I had already hit confirm! 🀣
@UltraKoreanfir lol I just got the email also. Thank you for helping them. I definitely want to look into getting a few of them fixed if I can find somewhere that isn’t $300.
@UltraKoreanfir does it say on your end when the kitty stuff will arrive?
@SirLiquorice not sure if you ever got any gloves but I have a bunch of extra latex gloves I could mail to you ? Maybe some kitty treats ?
@TidyTigerpear thanks. @AnthuriumQueen sent some gloves just now that are on the way, but I’m sure I’ll probably need more. All 3 have eye gunk now. And I’m sure they’ll appreciate treats.
@SirLiquorice Wednesday & Thursday arrivals.
@UltraKoreanfir I just used water and toilet paper to clean their eyes for now. This one was bad but looks a little better. This is the one I’m worried about. I applied antibiotics after I cleaned. But I think wipes and cleaning solution will help tremendously
@UltraKoreanfir these two aren’t as bad. One only has it in 1 eye. I cleaned theirs also. The bigger one on the left made lots of noise and was fighting me. Gotta lot of fight in her but the others it’s easy.
@UltraKoreanfir I’ve had to do this with the last litter so I think I can save them like I did the other 4
@SirLiquorice I hope so!
@UltraKoreanfir the wipes arrived!!! And also the gloves from @AnthuriumQueen as well. Both packages were at my door right now.