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👩‍🔬 Welcome to another edition of #WomenInSTEM

🌾 Today we’re celebrating Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer, member of the indigenous Citizen Potowatami Nation and professor of ecology at SUNY ESF. She’s also the author of the critically acclaimed book, Braiding Sweetgrass.

🌏 Dr. Kimmerer’s teachings and writings weave traditional ecological knowledge with our scientific understandings to create a beautiful new way to view the world.

🌳 Her work teaches us how to celebrate the kinship between humans, nature, and all Earth’s plants and creatures, which are honored as gifts to us all!

💕 Her native language of Anishinaabe lacks an equivalent word for “it”, and Dr. Kimmerer suggests a new pronoun for referring to nature and its gifts: Ki/Kin.

🪴 With Dr. Kimmerer’s wisdom in mind, try it out with your plants today! Maybe Ki needs water or Ki is growing a new leaf!

What gift from nature are you #grateful for today?

Read more here:

And make sure to pick up a copy of Braiding Sweetgrass here (it might change your life!):
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@Kiersten this is such an exceptional and moving book. I read it last year and am already contemplating re-reading it. I was particularly delighted by how she chose to teach her students! And her vision for continuing to honor the world we live in, specifically the symbiotic relationship between plants and people. I am #grateful for the spring rain, it makes it easier to focus even with the distraction of so many lovely spring blooms.
I’ve read a few passages from her book!! It’s super cool :]
@Kiersten this book is a treasure for people who feel the connection to nature and deepens the relationship even further. I am #grateful for balsam warming under the sun. Their scent is the most grounding element on earth to me and really connects all my senses to the natural energy in our world.
Reading her in one of my philosophy courses now. She taught me how to see my plants as little exemplars, now the learning never stops. She’s the coolest!
Today I am #grateful for my neighbour’s beautifully established honeysuckle that grows over our fence and brings beautiful butterfly’s to my garden and the most wonderful smell to enjoy my morning coffee to.
Love these posts. Is there a list of all the women Greg has celebrated this month? Did Rachel Carson make the list?
I love this! And I am so grateful for all my beautiful plants that bring me happiness everyday. And for Mother Nature who never fails to impress me with her beauty daily 😊💕
I have to say that Im grateful for the FL aquafer it’s a very unique limestone formation underground that gives life through water to everything above it.

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