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Don't let my excitement over my Tradescantia Nanouks over...

Don't let my excitement over my Tradescantia Nanouks overshadow how cool these Petra Croton and Friendship Plant (Pilea involucrata) are! I got these at the same greenhouse today. 😁
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I love the crotons I have a couple
@learydarrel me too! I also have a gold dust and a mammy. I've had a Petra in the past and killed it by underwatering it.. I hope I can do better by this guy! 🀞🀞🀞
Croton Miami is on my (very long!) wish list πŸ₯°
Ahhh! Gorgeous! Idk why but I can’t keep those 2 plants alive for the life of me πŸ«£πŸ˜…
LOVE the moon valley friendship plant, however don't be discouraged if it gives you a hard time! I plopped mine in a terrarium, with southern sun and it seems to be happy now, but she definitely gave me a real hard time for a while there.
@PlantBeach , I've never had one! Do they like humidity & full sun?
@JesssJungle yess they do! I struggled with mine a bit giving me brown crunch ugly leaves, I tried everything.. I found a large jar with a removable lid, made a terrarium and now it's happy! It sits in South Westen sun on my counter in the kitchen, I spray the substrate with water when it seems dry. This was when I first put it in there, so it was still recovering. Not home to take a current pic
@PlantBeach , wow that's awesome! I might have to move it to a terrarium! I did decide to move it closer to my humidifier after learning it liked humidity.
That red one is beautiful.
@ReallyAllspice , it is a Petra Croton! They are so striking.