Posted 2M ago by @mysugaredlife

We have root growth! When I gave my adansonii a trim last week I also cut a few of Polly’s leaves to try the pothos water trick. I can’t see any change in the monstera leaves yet, but the pothos ones have visible growth this morning when I checked. It has been less than a week!

Hopefully the Polly babies will help the monstera babies to grow too 🤞🏻

#PropagationStation #PothosWater #ChopAndProp #GoldenPothos #adansonii #PothosPack #Monstera
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Fingers crossed you get some roots soon!! I have golden pothos in every prop jar lol!
@angelw1975 🤞🏻 it’s my first time trying it so every little change is exciting.

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