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Entry #12 #GoldenPothos #GregTurnsTwo
Just turned 4
@ CaptHowdy it's so beautiful. I want to cover my wall just thinking when it will grow. Do you fertilize it ? So when and which one do you use . I am just fallen in love with your pothos. Amazing.
@GreatCutgrass hello! I just repot after double in size and cut back on year two, started really bushing!
@GreatCutgrass all purpose miracle Gro every couple weeks and lots of airflow! They are cool plants! I have a few pothos!οΏΌ
@GreatCutgrass also just look up green leaf plant clips on Amazon…
Thank you so much !!!
Those green leaf clips are cool. Liked it . Thank you so much !!
I love how you guys are sharing advice under my post, sweet

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