Posted 4M ago by @WickedValkyrie

And an update on my part of the #greatpothosexperiment for #sciencewithgreg

Decided to expand my experiment. This second guy will be grown in just plain water (started last night) and once my third 'cado ripens that one will be grown in plain water with a pothos clipping! If this were a proper science experiment I would've started them all at the same time, but alas I did not...

Anyhow, the first guy (water + #mycorrhizae + #pothos clipping) is doing amazing! Although I can't say I've noticed much uptick in root growth since adding the clipping... But that's why I'm expanding! I've got dates recorded so I can compare growth rates between the three as they develop. (: ✌️πŸ₯‘ #avocado #socalgreg #socalavocados #avocadoexperiment #fungi #fungusamongus #fungus #goodguyfungi #wickedvalkyrie
Im so jealous that you can get avocados to grow! I swear I've got a black thumb with them...never even gotten em to sprout😟
@Marthamaywho92 well tbh the first one was already sprouted inside the avocado so I definitely had a leg up on that one. Never actually tried it before this so, well see if I have any luck with one that wasn't already started... xD
@WickedValkyrie congratulations on your Avocado Experiment. I’m on my 4 one. I hope this one takes. Fingers are crossed.
@KikiGoldblatt it's cracked open so that's a really good sign!! 🀞🀞🀞🀞
I know alot of people have trouble but I started 4 and this is all of them now, I even chopped them back because a few people on here told me to so they would branch, and they are!
@Mrgncrch heck yeah! Good job! (:

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