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It’s #ThirstyThursday Getting tonight’s lineup ready for watering. Those dolphins are struggling 😅
Curious about how y’all water!? From the top or bottom? I’m team #ButtChug for most of mine!
5ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
butt chug has been added to my vocabulary and i will always use this term from now on
and i water my pilea from the bottom, he’s doing well with it :)
@voidnuggets pilea thrive with it, that was my first plant and I think the reason I tend to bottom water now!
I am probs about half and half with mine! If it has a big enough saucer and established roots - then I love a good butt chug. 👀
@Lara I’ve been using my kitchen pots for some of my larger ones 😅
It truly depends on how much energy I have and how many plants need to be watered. I’m all for a buttchug if I have the time to have an empty sink to fill with plants for an hour or two. Lately I’ve had a lack of energy and time so everyone’s been getting too watered 😅
@BJoyce ohh yes. That + cookie sheets are way to go!! I just can’t commit to physically picking up and moving all my plants as needed to water them in those pots/cookie sheets. I realize this is a me problem. 😂
@Lara to be fair you’ve seen the way I water - very all or nothing 😭
@MeganO probably better than my approach of butt chug or bust - I guess I should start compromising when I’m feeling lazy instead of ignoring them 😭
TEAM #ButtChug
Buttchug Bc I have a little fungus gnat prob and keeping the top dry keeps a lot of them away
I’m neither here nor there for most of my plants buuuut any that only get water once a month or so (cacti, succulents, snake plants, etc) always #buttchug to make sure the soil is totally hydrated!
Butt chug … I’m dying laughing + will def be adding it to my vocabulary too 😂

Definitely depends on the plant, but mostly #teambuttchug 😆
I love #buttchug for my established plants 💝💝
I pour water in the top and let it buttchug at same time because I am an extreme underwaterer lol unless it's a plant that doesn't like wet leaves
😳😳 I use leca. So... LECA crew anybody?
Mine do much better allowing them to dry out between watering.

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