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Instagram serving the #calathea realness. Happy Friday eve! #CalatheaCrew #HappyPlants #HappyPlace #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #plantjokes #plantmemes
This says it all 🀣 @EagerPhlox
what am i doing then that mine is still alive?! I remember when my family got me one for mother’s day and i was like β€œoh no! they’re gonna be so bummed when it dies in a week!” and it’s still fine. πŸ˜… just kinda been waiting this whole time
Hilarious πŸ˜†
@carlsreid it’s all about the humidity!! Like Iggy, our calathea buddies need moisture! 😊
@EagerPhlox is that the secret ingredient? mine lives in a house with about 50% humidity (minimum) and it never gets time with the humidifier.
@carlsreid yup! Unless you’re talking orbifolia. I’ve found those buttheads always get crispy edges, regardless of humidity level…mean, angry plants πŸ˜‚
I’ll be sure not to put a #Calathea on my wish list!!!
True true lol
@Pegster they’re really not that bad. I just like to talk trash about them because they’re so pretty while being so fussy
Ugh πŸ˜‘ this is the truth lol that’s one plant I’ll never open again!

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