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πŸ’‘ GE Grow Light Bulbs on sale for $6.92 on Amazon (no limit).πŸ€‘

Normal price $9 and Amazon limited to 3.

Looking for cost-effective grow light setup?

I HIGHLY suggest the GE grow lights. IMO, these have been the best grow lights for my plants as most of my plants live on just these lights. If you want timer features, just plug the lamp into a smart plug.

πŸ›‹Walmart has a 5 arm floor lamp that you can put these bulbs in (see photos).

GE Grow Lights:

Walmart 5 arm floor lamp:
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Love this! Thanks for using the #PlantingOnABudget tag! 😍πŸ₯Ή
Thanks @AwesomePlants !!!
@AwesomePlants did you have a post last week with the multi arm lamp@before? I remember it vaguely but I think the lamp had longer/adjustable arm and I’ve been looking for that lamp since and haven’t found lol
At first I thought the last picture was an Amazon picture I was like that looks awfully like @AwesomePlants’s setup
@Lithopslover I probably replied to someone's post with this setup suggestion. The arms are flexible so you can aim them different ways. They are faced down in this photo.

I do have another grow light stand, but I honestly reccomend the GE light bulbs because with other all in one grow lights, once it stops working, that's it for the entire light setup. Once a bulb dies in several years, I can just replace one bulb and not an entire grow light stand.
@AwesomePlants how can I tell if this light would fit into normal light sockets/the socket of the lamp you show here?

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