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The drama! Repot her and she retires her oldest because t...

The drama! Repot her and she retires her oldest because the newest already working on the new leaf. New leaf is not even mature yet and making babies. I raised a fast one hahahahaha what am I suppose to tell her mom 😂 #thedrama #Divas #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #theamigos #AlocasiaAddicts #Alocasia #RegalShields
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I feel like she needs a crown pot adornment of some kind 😂 just to let her know you know who’s boss 👑
OMG! You sure did! Ooops, 🫣🤔🫢 I couldn’t tell ya, how to explain….
@SensationalKoa look at her! 2 more new leaves with 4 new stems!
@PlantJedi WOW! Doing well I see. Is she in Lechuza PON? It looks like it?
@PlantJedi I watched a video for this specific plant utilizing Lechuza self watering pots and this girls plant was a beauty as well and I was wondering about that and planting in pin.
I’ll share the video if your interested to check her care tips out as well:
@SensationalKoa lime pellets
@PlantJedi Bella, is still adjusting to her new soil environment yet I see a couple new stems coming up as well they are tiny just above the soil to get a photo would be hard at the moment, loving your posts today plant daddy. I was supposed to get my Greg plants today and just got a message from FedEx that they are delayed, supposedly now tomorrow it was a real buzz kill because FedEx here in NY is lousy. I hope my plant arrive in good condition
i can't breathe 🤣😂🤣
@SensationalKoa can I see her? It could be something added to snap her out of the shock.
@SensationalKoa Ohhh and I have two new ones coming and one you’ll be pleased to see. 😂
@HappyLibertycap meanwhile I found all of these while trying to remove old soil.
@PlantJedi Sure you can, I don’t think she’s in shock, she hasn’t really spouted many new leaves and I think she is starting to create two stems if you can see from these pics. Also. after re-potting her 24 hours later her soil was already dry I think this soil Fox Farms tends to dry out faster on sunny days and now she is still moist because of our weather here in NY, mind you Greg app is saying to water her today, not doing it going to pause it her soil is still moist she gets the added humidity she’s in my bathroom. Can I use Big Leaf Energy on her?
@PlantJedi what is that in the bowl? I’m so newbie I can’t tell what that is…
@PlantJedi I’m wondering if I put her in a good enough pot I bought 3 self watering one’s and was going to try that yet I am skeptical because she is my favorite. I actually would love to get another and she is a “Stella” white fusion because there is a difference between a “Stella” and just a “White Fusion”.
@SensationalKoa how many inches up did you go? But she may need some soil treatment. The salt from the bark seems to be having an impact. Cinnamon on top of her soil to help her dry out… But before that I would flush out the salt… do you have a drainage hole? Oh yeah, big difference from the two but ppl get them confused/lump them together.

Yeah, I’d only trust a self watering with a sturdy plant not a finicky one 😂
@PlantJedi she was in a 3-inch she’s now in a 6-inch and I just tore one of her leaves I’m so pissed. She dried out the very next 24 hours after he re-pot last week was it or the week before she’s not soggy wet it’s our NY cloudy wet weather, every other day here correct ?? Greg says to water her I paused it she needs no water. How do you flush out the salt, like continual slow soaking water though her soil you mean? If so, she then would be water logged with Yes, she has drainage holes, can I use Bless your Soil #Big Leaf Energy on her?
@PlantJedi oops, finger slipped as I was rearranging the message, she’d be water logged then because the weather as you know here cloudy, and damp, every other day, the white you see is the perlite and orange the bark that I didn’t know I was supposed to soak until you mentioned that to someone else last week, lol, now I know. She looks good to me yet I’m annoyed I just ripped a leaf big time,
@SensationalKoa oh then just pour some cinnamon on top tonight. It’ll dry out the top soil and force the water upward. Which will help with the cloudy weather. Yes, to Big Leaf Energy. It even works on my Dieffenbachia Star Bright. I use it on all my plants.
My colocasia threw two leaves for this one 🫠🥲
@PlantJedi okay, thank you! That’s good to know how the cinnamon actually works and good to know the Big Leaf Energy is safe to use on Bella and for the Dieffenbachia Star Bright hopefully mine will arrive tomorrow in good condition and I’ll use it on that as well once it acclimates. I can’t wait to see your two newbies coming tag me when you post it, what was in the bowl, you didn’t answer that?
@SensationalKoa orchid bark lol
@PleaseLeaf yeah that’s crazy how they do that 😩 😩 😑
@PlantJedi why put in all that work to throw it on the ground 🤨
@PleaseLeaf right… she was like… while you’re down there do something with this one. It’s old now! 🙄💅

@AmusingRedhill totally! Hahahahaha! Going to see if I can find one or get a tagger to paint one!!
@PlantJedi definitely let me know! I have a couple plants in mind in my collection that may needs some 😂