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Can someone please help me identify which hoya this is exactly? It's my fastest grower and it's beautiful. I just don't know which one it is???? Help!!! #happyplants #hoyaidentity
I believe it's a Hoya carnosa
The shape of the leaves makes me think it could be a cumingiana. Have you seen its flowers yet?
I love the leaf shape.
@PlantMompy not yet. I got it from lowes so it being a cumingiana is doubtful. I bet it's a carnose like @Sassylimey said. It was about 5$ lol
But it grows like crazy. It's been in this macrame hanger for about a week and a half and look at how much it has already wrapped around the top
It’s an australis
@HoyaAddict but it's all green
@kris10nicolee Not a australis Lisa (that is variegated) the plain australis looks like this
Oh wooowww yeah thats it
@kris10nicolee πŸ˜› very pretty btw!
@HoyaAddict ty ma'am. Have you seen the ones I've gotten recently?
@kris10nicolee Yes! I’m in love and completely jelly 😝 (jk) so happy you have some stunners! Please keep posting progress pics 😍
@kris10nicolee wayetti is soooo on my Wishlist
@HoyaAddict It's one of my favorites besides the sunrise! You saw that show stopper didn't you.??!!!! 🀯
@kris10nicolee Yes! Also Wishlist haha πŸ˜› lemme see more pics! I want to stick one in the sun and watch it turn red ❀️🀩

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