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Omg my first peduncle! I’m so proud of my Hoya Fungii! #HoyaHangout #NewGrowth #HappyPlants
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@HoyaAddict congratulations 🎉. Woohoo 🙌 I use this statement too. Happy growing 💚💚🌱🌱
The Happy Grow twins 😘
@HoyaAddict absolutely 🥰🥰😘😘
please tell us what it smells like once it blooms!! i know some hoyas smell like other things (cinnamon, bananas etc.)
@strawberrymoon Definitely! I will be flooding you all with pics too 😅 I thought my pubicalyx would give me a peduncle first, it’s growing like crazy! I hope i don’t have to wait too long for the first bloom!
@HoyaAddict man i love hoya flowers!! they’re some of the cutest imo, especially bc of that rounded star shape <3 i missed a kerrii splash listing and i’m so mad lol
@strawberrymoon I know right! They’re so cute and beautiful and smell divine! Oh no that’s so sad! If I ever get one I will post you a cutting! I would love a multiflora, those shooting star flowers are out of this world 😍
@HoyaAddict that’s so sweet of you !!! unfortunately i’m like in a whole other continent 🥲 i appreciate the thought a lot though 💕💕 and yeah those are so unique, they look almost like some sort of sea creature!! i’m a sucker for cute round things so my other fave is the rotundiflora (and the leaves are such a cute rectangle shape, like biscuits)
@strawberrymoon Aww that’s a shame 🥹 maybe I send you it anyway 🤣 though you’ll probably get one before me! I see the sea creature! Pretty squid 🦑. Ooo rotundiflira and the button ones are so cute 😍 man I could talk hoyas for hours
@HoyaAddict you don’t have to!! i know it takes a lot to ship plants, like the phytosanitary cert and everything is a hassle 😔 and i get you!! my first plant was actually one of those little hoya kerrii leaves (no node obviously 🙄 my 6 year old brain thought it would just become bigger and bigger as a heart shape lmao), i loved her a lot and i called her haruko :) unfortunately she died bc she was just a leaf + me and my family didn’t know how to care for her but she really helped my interests in plants grow <3 i’m 16 now and know better, but i still love kerriis :D
@strawberrymoon That’s awesome! So cool that it was a Kerri heart that got your plant love going ❤️. I left the uk and moved to Australia 4 years ago (I married an Ozzie) I had to leave all my plants behind 😭 so I have finally started to build a new collection. I have never had a Hoya before, my first was this Pubicalyx (noid). It grew so quickly and my interest grew from there, now I feel obsessed and want to collect them all like Pokémon 🤣
@HoyaAddict i went to australia once!! it was Sydney iirc, and the baobabs fascinated me so much- one of my fave trees to this day! and it’s so cool that your first hoya is still alive and kicking :) i’m a ‘pokemon trainer’ too but for haworthias and gasterias haha
@strawberrymoon That’s so cool! I’m living in Victoria (10b) not as warm as Sydney 😅 but much better than the uk! Baobabs are so amazing! I love the gum trees here too, so wild looking. Oooo I only have one Haworthia superfasciata (don’t think it’s super happy with me haha) they’re a super cool niche! I have lots of succulents (I should really put them in Greg, they’re outside eek) Gasteria are so cute, especially when they look like flip books haha. Your collection is amazing! You may have me hooked now haha
@BuyAPlant Thank you 🌷🌱
@HoyaAddict ah i’m from zone 10a!!! we’re zone neighbors :D in japan we don’t have those strange funky looking trees but we do have some nice flowering ones, like wisteria or cherry blossom ^^ and yesss join the dark side (the succulent side) >:) gasterias are pretty easy!! just put them wherever you have your haworthias and aloes and they’ll be happy lol. the chonky book shape is why i fell in love with them, i have one exception which is a little warty- that one grows in a rosette/spiral shape :)
@strawberrymoon Japan is the first place I want to travel to with my husband! Such an amazing place, beautiful people, countryside, cities, culture and food! I love Sakura 😍 they’re so romantic. My garden is mainly filled with tropical trees.
I will try and add my succulents to Greg when I’m next off work. I still have a few unidentified babies 🤣 no gasteria yet though! If I see one when I’m shopping I will grab one ☺️
@HoyaAddict you’re super welcome to come visit!! <3 i miss australia too haha, and all the cool birds there! did not appreciate the cockatoo screaming at 6am but he was cute so i forgive him 🥲 sakuras are lovely!! my fave variety is the shidare-zakura (the one that’s like willow shaped, with white flowers). i love the eucalyptus you guys have tho! especially the one with round heart shaped leaves- eucalyptus have such a cute leaf color!! my grandma has a bunch of mystery trees in her garden haha, no idea what any of them are. she’s a flower person and she especially likes margarets :) your sucs are lovely!! the yucca looks so happy <3
@strawberrymoon That would be so cool! If you ever end up here again let me know 😃
Haha the birds here can be insane, they love to walk all over my roof at 6am 🤣 clatter clatter feet. Aww I bet your grandma is awesome! My mum is the same, LOVES flowers. When I was little every summer she would create the largest hanging baskets I’ve ever seen. Stuffed with tonnes of flowers and colours. Like lobelia and violas. Probably the start of my plant love 🌱
Would you believe I found that yucca just thrown out with its roots all bare on the ground 😭 it was so thirsty. I found it walking my dog, it was quite stabby getting it home haha. ❤️
@HoyaAddict i have relatives in Melbourne so i might come over once covid gets better!! one of my fave Australian birds is the kookaburra, they look so cute and fluffy :) and yes she is!! she knows more native plants than i could ever hope to remember the names of, she can even identify random weeds in the mountain lol. she mostly leaves her plants alone, she’s got like a very intense gardening day once a month but otherwise they’re just left to their own devices and they still look so pretty!
where can i find free yuccas 👀👀 i’m not usually fond of rehabbing plants (i have like 0 space and i don’t want anything to spread to my current plants) but if they’re gonna end up looking as happy as that guy i might consider!! also can i see your doggo :)
@strawberrymoon That’s awesome! I’m a few hours away from Melbourne! We could definitely meet up ☺️ maybe go to a botanical garden or something! Kookaburras are gorgeous! I often get a flock of yellow crested cockatiel and these beautiful grey pink birds called Galah. I added my 🐈 Toyger Arya, Domestic Tabby Jiraiya, Border Heller Tiabeanie and some Galah in my garden.
@strawberrymoon Oops posted early haha. I think you Grandma was right about not touching plants! I watched a video the other day on plants who are touched a lot grow 30% less! 🥹 it hurts because I love to stroke my plants haha.
I hope you can get a free plant soon! It’s so rewarding saving a green life
@HoyaAddict i’d love to meet up sometime, i bet australia has some super cool specimens in botanical gardens/conservatories 👀 and I LOVE GALAHS!!! in japan we call them momoiro-inko which translates to peach colored parrot :) they’re so so cute- so are your pets !!! your tabby looks like the kind of cat that i’d love to give scritches to, and your toyger is so pretty!! they’re like.. amber colored, literally glowing in that sunlight!! and your dog has such a lovely smile haha, absolutely giving out tons of good boy/girl vibes!! man i really want a pet haha, sadly i don’t have the funds for one rn (vet bills and vaccinations and stuff are so expensive) and my grandparents don’t like animals- so i get my dose of fluffiness by playing with my friend’s dogs and petting/feeding stray cats when i’m free :)
@HoyaAddict oh nooo not me petting my fluffy kalanchoe every single day 🤧 probably why she isn’t growing much lol, also i like to clean my plants once in a while bc my room gets dusty 🫢
@strawberrymoon Yay I’m looking forward to it! I haven’t been to any gardens/aquarium/zoo yet, I agree that the variety here will be crazy and nothing like the rest of the world. Looking at you marsupials 😜 Aww I love the Japanese name for Galahs! I’ll call them momo’s now hehe. My babies thank you for the praise! My husband always wanted a tiger but the best I could get him was a Toyger 😅 she’s so beautiful, her coat astounds me! I am the dog lover and fell in love when I first saw her. I waited a long time for all my pets, I’m 39 now and all I’m missing from my dream pets is a snake and a lizard I’m sorry you have to wait for get the pets you want, but the waiting makes it even better when you finally do get it. I added pics of when they were tiny 🥰

Argh Kalanchie are so fuzzy! I love them 😍 I like to stroke my Micans too much haha.
WOAH congratulations
@hayleighshost Thank you 😊🌷
So cute i really want one
@HoyaAddict always !! 🙂
@HoyaAddict marsupials!!!! my favorite is the wombat <3 chonky little dudes lol, they’re so cute! and yess dogs are awesome, at one point in my life the fluffy keeshond mix at a dog cafe was the only thing keeping me alive haha. they’re so unconditionally loving- i swear doggos care more about me than most people i know irl lol! btw that’s so cool, i love reptiles too!!! i always loved ball pythons bc of their :3 face, i got to pet one once and it was magical <3 i can’t wait to have a pet once i’m working :) btw it’s so cute that your doggo sleeps with a plushie and blanket 🥹

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