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Look at these plants I seen at Lowe's. I wanted that spider plant so bad but they are my arch nemesis plant. 🤣🤣I couldn't believe that was a cebu pothos. Mine is such a darker green. #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict
@planthoe40 those Ti plants are beautiful! I had to chop and prop mine cause I was doing it wrong at first but getting #newgrowth on both of them. And when you chop them off, it makes the original stem put out new shoots to make it fuller ☺️
@Lifeis2short I wish I had the floor space for one. 😪 Floor space in my studio apartment is none existent. I heard they requie ALOT of humidity.
You just have to accept that spider plants are divas that are made of rubber. They like being picky, but they're adaptable and can bounce back from almost anything. Just have to set them up in a bright window and carefully neglect them. 🤣
Why don’t you like spider plants ? I thought they were somewhat easy. Not for my mom tho (she overwaters everything) lol
@TidyTigerpear I didn't say I didn't like them. The problem is the don't like me. The two babies I have are doing fine but their mother can't decide between life or death. One day she's fine and chose life and then 2 hrs later 🤷 she chooses death. I'm soooo over her.
@planthoe40 I had one that I kept in a window and she had so many babies 🤔 I think you can prop those and make more , maybe they will be nicer then the momma plant 😂🤭
Loxley when I got her VS Loxley now. @TidyTigerpear @Charli3Plant you are right down the road from me. I'm in Fayetteville
@planthoe40 your also right down the road from me not that far, Durham nc 🥲
@TidyTigerpear oh wow!!
I think you may need to just neglect your spider plants more. I have like 87 of them around here and they just won’t die. Sometimes I completely forget to water them for really long periods of time and they don’t care. They are actually just like my cacti. They thrive on neglect. Worse thing that happens is some leaves turn brown and dry up but as soon as I water it grows new leaves back. But I have yet to have one die on me. Even being in a empty glass with no water the baby one I had didn’t die. It hasn’t had water for a long time and I watered it last night. It’s still fine but lost leaves.
Even my spider plant outside in the 105 degree weather survived being neglected but some of the babies will dry up on it if I wait too long to water . But the mother plant is fine. Indoor or outdoor they just keep thriving and I don’t do anything
The plant selection at Lowe’s is awesome right now. I had to pick up a couple…and I was there to return a weed eater 🤣LOL
@megamomma yeah lowes and Home Depot must be making nurseries mad by stocking cooler plants now and having super cheap prices since they buy in bulk. I just wish they didn’t glue fake flowers on some cacti. And the soil used by their nursery they buy from sucks, so I always have to repot almost right away since they are also outgrowing the pot usually. But that’s not a big deal. It’s the glued on plastic I hate. I have one that finally came off on it’s own but there’s still glue I can’t remove without damaging the cactus.