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It’s going to be tough to keep these beauts in quarantine!
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Those are beautiful!
Omg!! !! Yessssss
@jcPlantProper Thank you! Can’t believe I waited so long to grab N’Joy! It’s really beautiful!
@Kace for real. Just stare at each leaf! And it’s like oh ok wait this is cool
@jcPlantProper philodendron moonlight or calkins notched and blotched?
@jcPlantProper or wait for Mccolley? πŸ˜‚
@Kace Calkins notched πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ here’s some pics
All three pictures are the same plant? @jcPlantProper
@jcPlantProper I was able to get the painted lady. I should have mentioned that.
@Kace I saw your order! Yeah the Calkins is the first two and the moonlight the last one
@Kace the Calkins is my fave right now. A few people have it! Most notched ones have like 3 plants in it! The moonlight is pretty
@jcPlantProper They are all pretty. It’s definitely tough to choose. That’s why I ordered the other two before I kept looking. πŸ˜‚
@Kace hahaha! I like the Calkins ! Look at #calkinsclub
But we’ll have it around for a while. And we can combine your order too
@jcPlantProper I ordered both. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚
@Kace omg you crack me up! You’ll love them
@jcPlantProper Im sure I will. $12 is a small price to pay to avoid hours of mental deliberation. 🀣
I was considering another variegated maranta, but they were already goneeeee!
I just got a pothos n joy this week too! They are so pretty! 😍
They are so beautiful! What plant is in the first and second photo?
I wish we had a heart emoji button instead of just a thumbs up! So pretty 😍
@Annasea Im also in Pennsylvania, and we can do our resisting from October to March. πŸ˜‚
@eksi I should have looked to see where you are in the world before I sent the link, sorry!
So beautiful!
n’joy was one of my first plants 😁 so gorgeous
@Kace added to my plant wishlist!! πŸ’š
@Kace We have cold in Ohio too, like Pennsylvania, from October through March, but I am wondering what this has to do with β€œresisting” buying new plants and why it was important where Annasea is in the world? Most of the plants discussed here are houseplants, though we love to take them outside in the summer. (I have quite a jungle of houseplants living outside right now. They still have a month to a month and a half, still out there, then the jungle comes in.)
Beautiful I have one grows like crazy
Well, I try to β€œresist” ordering plants online during the winter because of freezing temperatures, and unexpected weather related delays once the plants leave the nursery. Heat packs don’t last forever.

οΏΌIf you are asking about why I mentioned where Marina is in the world, it’s because I provided a link for plant proper, and I don’t believe they ship outside of the US.

I also have houseplants that are living out side of the house right now. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Does that cover everything?
@user6c737d17 I am hoping mine grows like crazy too!
@Kace Thanks, Kristen, I was unaware of all that and I appreciate your explanations. It all makes sense now. I have not ordered from a plant nursery through the mail. I have only gone to nurseries, Lowes, Home Depot, and a plant shop I found recently. I did order our newest tree, a tulip poplar, through the mail, so I have done it once. It was in the summer, and it came in a gallon pot and was tall already. It is doing really well, at age 3. I have not considered otherwise ordering a plant because I have found the ones that wanted me, by going there and checking them out. I would buy those that seemed to need me. Now I also enjoy finding unusual plants and then picking the ones that seem to reach out to me. It seems I need a feeling about the particular plant to develop before I buy it. It’s like beginning a relationship. So I have to see and experience it first. Maybe I am wierd that way. Also I now can see the dangers of a winter mail order.
@Annasea Anna, yes, we currently have Bebe, 15, a ruddy Aby. His brother, Crimson, a red Aby, died at 7 from that kidney hardening disease that Abys are prone to. Fortunately Bebe doesn’t have it. He is beautiful, small and agile. Before Bebe and his brother, we had Penny, a ruddy, who lived to age 20. They are super friendly cats, and petite. How about you?
@Annasea Thanks, Anna! Yes, absolutely they are. Curious about any breeders near you? We can talk on here or, I do have my email in my oasis. (On which I will soon add more of my plants)

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