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Bring it on freeze. #WinterIsComing

Hang in there y'all it's about to get frosty
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I live in Minnesota. We are currently in a blizzard warning, wind-chill warning, ambient air temp of 15 below. It's been frosty haha but at least we don't have anything that is venomous or big enough to eat us in 1 bite, so I'll take the cold I think lol
Oh and within the past week we've gotten between 1 to 2 feet of snow as well lol
@misapo stay warm! I'll take it being an oven here in summer over that!
@RJG stay toasty brother! Stocked up on egg nog, heading to liquor store later! šŸ˜†
It will be -12Ā°C where Iā€™m at šŸ„¶

But no snow šŸ„¹
@ChaosPlains we also have a wind-chill warning for the next day and a half, -40Ā°f (which funnily enough actually equates to -40Ā°c as well) wind-chill with winds up to 45 mph(72 km/h). Too cold to snow but with all we already got, plus the winds, it's going to suck.

Blizzard warning is tonight through 6 am Saturday, and then still cold and crappy for Saturday and Sunday, just slightly less deadly lol
@jaysjungle thanks! Going to try to! It sucks but when you are born and raised here, you almost come to expect it even if you hate it and hope it doesn't happen lol

Oh and summers here are the polar opposite usually, super hot ridiculously humid lol which is why I just keep reminding myself the whole nothing venomous and nothing can eat me here lol