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I just got a free plant in my local plant store/clothing store. I never knew they had plants so whenever I saw they had plants I wondered how much there plants were and the lady said anywhere from $40-$60 and since I’m only 11 I said I only have 25$ I said I don’t have that much money so she said follow me and come into my office so I said sure and whenever I walked in there I saw a humongous plant AKA Dracaena fragrans but it was really sick and she said I don’t know what I did it but it started dying she said so since your really good with plants I’d like to see if you could make it greener and better so I was said yes thank you so much and so I cut off all the dying pieces take out the soil put new soil and cut off some root rot and it’s looking a lot better #dying #NewGrowth I will keep you posted
Do forget to add some pics of her!! We would love to see her progress!!!!
I will!!!
That is so cool!!! Best of luck with the plant!! :D
@UberBilberry I hope
good luck! Also,so glad i got to meet someone close to my age on Greg!!

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