Posted 4M ago by @PlantMompy

#seedlingraceseries update!

Fleta finally has a leaf and is measuring in at 1 1/16cm!

Fleet is still cruising along and is now a whopping 3 7/16cm with three leaves and a fourth on the way!

How are your plants growing @melodey @awesomeplants @kaleyeeaah @graceolivialee?
#happyplants #anthurium #vittarifolium #plantsmakepeoplehappy
I was JUST wondering how this race was going yesterday! Thanks for the update
That's awesome! One didn't make it. The other πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ Starting from seedlings or seeds is not my forte🀣
Crap I need to take photos! I have 3 leaves for both. But I want them to grow faster 😞🀣

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