Posted 3M ago by @RJG

we have a nice slow drizzle today and so the #FicusGang is out getting a shower πŸ₯° #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #CleanLeaves #RJGroup
You have quite a crowd!
What an amazing Ficus family you have. JEALOUS!!! I dont have any YET!
@Stall54Jo there are a few more not pictured 🌚
@RJG very nice! I have never used fresh rain water for any of my plants. Only tap.
@KikisOasis I only use rain water. Have a barrel that attaches to the gutter!
@RJG I wished that we had that capability, but the way our yard is and gutters are, I don’t have a place for one. I would love to have one, but don’t have that option.
Your ruby looks absolutely stunning
@Curry it has been showing out lately πŸ₯°

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