Posted 2w ago by @zay

Sad 🌧 I just got home from studying abroad in Italy, and my boyfriend caring for my plants didn’t really. Though I appreciate their efforts, I am still a bit sad at how many plants didn’t make :(
which plants? some can be cut back and they’ll regrow leaves :) scratch the stem a little, if it’s still green your plant has a chance
😔 it's always sad when plants go to the plant graveyard. Kudos for the effort on your boyfriends part though!
Went out of town for 3 days a few weeks ago, came home to multiple dead fish and alllll my plants were pissed. 🤦‍♀️ Finally back on track. Lost a few outdoor ones.
2w ago
@strawberrymoon Si! I’m hopeful! I did go through everything I think might be salvageable and they’re in intensive care now 😅
2w ago
@jazzyjess It is! Sadder than I expected haha, I think it was just a shock haha
2w ago
@HpflHeart Ah! That really sucks! Thankfully, he did take good care of my betta & hedgehog, so I can’t complain tooo much 😅 But still… it was a lot of plants 😭
@zay 💜
@zay all the best!! hopefully you’ll have some survivors

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