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What a wonderful way to end my day. Coming home to plant deliveries after a 16hr shift . Meet my new babies #alocasiaaddicts #peperomia #happyplants #plantproper #greggang I have waited so log for my Tiny Dancer. I'm so beyond excited.
Yay!! Like I told someone else who got the Peperomia. Make sure they get light and you let the dry out a little! They are soooo pretty in a hanging basket! The tiny dancer wants light too and when you water it, I suggest rinsing the whole plant. It’s short and stubby now so if it has the right light it’ll stay kind of thicker and beautiful. Not enough light, it’ll stretch a bit
Thank you @jcPlantProper I am so excited. Do you think my peperpmia will do ok here between the east and south corner and how does Tiny Dancer do under grow light. I appreciate your input.
@Stall54Jo I love both of them. They are absolutely gorgeous! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ’•πŸ’―πŸ’―
What a great way to come home to such gorgeous plants, @jcPlantProper really does pick out the best for us πŸ₯°
@Stall54Jo monitor them both for the week and let them dry out while you figure out where they should go. Does that corner where the pep is get light
I had no ideas how beautiful the Cupid peperomia would be. Will you get more in stock? @jcPlantProper
@LatiTish84 hmm not for a few more weeks at least
I can wait! 😊 I’m trying to get the Florida imbe first anyway 🀣. @jcPlantProper
@LatiTish84 on a totem or 4”? We aren’t doing the 4” anymore
On the totem! It’s looks so full 😍 @jcPlantProper probably going to grab it next wk.
@LatiTish84 yeah it’s nice. I love it
@jcPlantProper @KikiGoldblatt @LatiTish84 @Sassylimey Thank you so much for your responses. To answer you question yes it is a very bright spot. What changes would I most likely see if this spot isn't bright enough.

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