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#GAGregGang anyone interested in a local meet??? In or near Atlanta??
If you ever make it down towards the GA/FL stateline lmk!! πŸ’ƒ

Maybe I'll just have to plan a trip up to ATL
@angelw1975 you and I are sooo close. We have no reason not to meet πŸ˜‚
We are up to 8 members!!!!
Also...I have been dying to go to The Victorian....
@angelw1975 we can schedule a meet there and grab food afterwards!
@angelw1975 I had never heard of this place!!!
@BunnyMummy I think that could be fun!
@angelw1975 it’s a great shop & they actually have 2 locations. Let me know if you want more info❣️
@BunnyMummy hey Ladies! Just saw this. I’m in Duluth. Would love to meet.
Are you thinking of meeting up at Ponce City Market or at the coffee location?
Also is anybody going to the Ecugenera on the 17th? I think it’s over near the airport (there is flyer on here w/exact, just off top of mind)
@Vinxy2 @risingphoenix @angelw1975 @Bifkillerwolf if you can find the info I’m definitely in for the ecugenera! I still want to go to the Victorian as well!!!
I live walking distance from the one in East Atlanta. It’s a great shop!
I've been wanting to visit both... The Victorian and the Plants + Coffee so I'm game for either.

I dont know anything about the Ecuagenera event but am interested!!!
@angelw1975 from what I googled it’s a plant swap/buy/meet
Let me find the flyer that was posted on Greg and post it here.
It will be at a shop called varnish & vine. Next Saturday. #GAGregGang #PlantSwap #Ecuagenera #meetup
I would love to see the Victorian I’d never heard of it especially the one that’s also a coffee shop! And the plant swap could be fun as well I’ve been dying to check one out I just don’t have anything I think anyone would want lmao
@risingphoenix @angelw1975 @Vinxy2 @Bifkillerwolf since we totally missed the plant swap. How do you feel about meeting at the Victorian Saturday the 17 of September???
@BunnyMummy unfortunately I’ll be at Imagine that weekend we’ve had a crazy busy year and it’s not done yet! But even if you guys meet up without me this time I’d love to catch the next one!
I can’t do the 17th. I actually have to work that day. πŸ™

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