Posted 1M ago by @HKMisawesome

Got a new plant today!!! I was cleaning out the garden after winter to plant & used an app I got today to identify some weeds in the garden, cause why not. Then I saw what I swear was a baby tree under tons of other dead plants. I identified it and was!!! It’s called an Ashe Juniper Tree and apparently takes over 10 years to just get 4ft tall, idk what I got myself into 😂🙄😁 I put it in a pot and am hoping (cross your fingers) that it lives. Once it’s over a few feel tall I’m going to plant it in the ground I just don’t want it to be mowed over. Hoping 4 the best, thankfully it’s easy to take care of and requires little water, but I’ve accidentally killed a different plant that easy, too 😂

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