Posted 3w ago by @vico_zun

Got a Monstera for my birthday and I’m so happy yet nervous! She’s beautiful and I wanna make sure she’s happy too. Please throw your experices and advice for monsteras at me 💗☀️ #MonsteraMonday
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She is gorgeous 😍

She will like bright but indirect light or else her leaves will burn.

She looks very healthy and is already putting out fenstrated leaves so she is at least adolescent in age. Give her a moss pole to climb and you will be rewarded with aerial roots and larger leaves.

You'll want to install the pole at the base near her widest trunk, and then you can tie her leaves to it.

She will grow somewhat quickly in the summer months, especially if you fertilize her, and she will fill out over time as she puts out new offshoots.

My first plant was a monstera named Millie and I love her. I think you'll love yours too!

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