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Just did my first non-cactus arrangement last night... any suggestions from experienced arrangers? Thanks and happy weekend
#diyplanter #succulentlove
Yay another Ohioan. Welcome to Greg Jake. Your succs look great πŸ‘
@Dustmite That is a lovely arrangement. I need to find black bowls for my succs. Enjoy your non spiked friends! πŸͺ¬
Thank you both
It looks amazing!! I have a few large bowls that I’ve done, tips I can give: plant succ’s together that have the same lighting and watering requirements. I had a few together that weren’t the same and had to redo it a bit. But they will grow and thrive together. Here’s a cpl of mine I redid recently
@Propa thanks for the examples/advice... I thought I was packing my bowl, but you took it to another level! I really like the one in this pic... is it some kind of climbing aloe variant?
@Dustmite anytime! mine have been growing in the large bowl since about June so they have grown a bit to fill it in, I just swapped a cpl out about a week ago. Now that one has been hard to identify for me. Every plant app I scan it into tells me something different πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ but I think I have it in the Greg oasis as Bergeranthus-Illuminating Wave. That looked the most like it I believe that I could find.
@Propa thanks! It really appeals to me; I'll be keeping my eye out for one like it... cheers

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