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Some beauties I found today while running errands💚🥰 not too happy I found scale AGAIN as soon as I pulled the Hoya out of the pot to do the cleaning routine, but this is why I do it! I also bought a wine glass to prop pothos in, thought it looked neat😊 #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantTherapy #SucculentLove #GregGang #PropagationStation
Eeeep I adore the whole setup and all the things! So sorry about the stowaways but sounds like you know what to do. I’m all about the sage and the crystals and all of it so I may or may not have made cute funny noises when I saw your photos 🤣 and maybe it’s the witch in me but I always love using random glasses and bottles for cuttings! 🌱☀️❤️
@RealSimpleMama 🥰 thanks! I do the same, I went thrifting today tho looking for some pieces I didn’t have for propping purposes😊 I think that one turned out to be my favorite! do you keep crystals around your plants too? When I started keeping plants last year I felt like my crystals finally had a proper home💚
I love the wine glass propagation idea!!!!!
@idkstephs thanks! I also got one of those large metal multi tier candle holders, but it didn’t come with the glass pieces, so I bought mismatched glasses to use on it as a propagation station. That’ll probably be tomorrow’s project! 😊
That's such a good idea too!!! You're inspiring me to go to a thrift store tomorrow!
@Propa oh my gosh YES girl lol!!!! They’re all over the place near the pots, in the pots, in the water of my cuttings (if the crystal is ok in water)….. terrible photo as lights are off now but you get the idea
@idkstephs you should go check one out! There’s so many great things there. Mine doesn’t have a ton of stuff it’s fairly small, but there’s always dishes ( I buy old coffee cups and use them as cache pots for things in Pon, old bowls I drill holes in the bottom and use them for succulent and cacti planters, and old glass plates I throw dirt on top and prop succulent leaves on!) today I saw the candle holder and thought well let’s try it!💚
@RealSimpleMama I LOVE that! 😍 I also throw crystals into planters here and there and also just around the plant room- on the shelves, table, and in bowls etc💚
Yessss repurpose all the things!!!
@Propa love the black and white it’s so artsy!!!!
@FirstCanna thank you! I actually take a lot of photos of my plants this way bc I love the way it looks😍 it’s a setting on my phone💚
@FirstCanna these are some of my favs💚
@Propa this is awesome🤩🤩🤩
@FirstCanna thank you!😊
I’m thinking you could do this for a living @Propa those are so gorgeous 😍😍😍
@FirstCanna that’s so sweet thank you 😊 I actually am contemplating opening a plant store and selling photos of plants in it

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