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So I def don’t fancy myself a photographer but when I saw the shadows my indoor jungle was making when the light through the bay window was hitting just right, I had to stop and appreciate the moment.

My love of indoor plants has given me a new way of measuring time. Especially in these wild times where everything seems the same every day. If I have new leaves, it shows change and growth. And it’s okay if growth is slow. The roots are so much deeper than that.

In what ways do your plants make you see the world differently?
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Lovely photos and really appreciate the insight! I too am grateful for my plants, this one used to be my grandmother’s. I feel that my plants help to connect me with the outside world, here the white blossoms in contrast with the snow.
@eric What a beauty! And what a special way to also stay connected to your grandmother with something she clearly put a lot of love and care into as well. 🌱 💕
These are so beautiful!! I’d definitely call you a photographer 📸 what a beautiful perspective to capture
Thank you @kaleena ! 💚
Thank you, @Kiersten !! ☺️☺️
I love this insight! Plants have absolutely helped me take a moment to stop and observe the passing of time.
Ooh these would be a great phone wallpaper
they're stunning!
ever since i actually got into gardening,though i don't have a lot of plants as they're expensive here,it made me appreciate everything in nature,plucking out a leaf from a random plant feels like a crime now that i know how much the plant put into it!
@Plantbasedzoophilist yes, I agree! I’m ashamed to say I did this as a child and didn’t understand. Gah! Now when my Zebrina looses a vine (on it’s own) from how heavy and long it’s gotten, I feel so bad!
@kaleena yup,I accidentaly plucked our my pothos's first leaf!

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