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Thinking I want a mimosa pudica… any tips?? Will plant proper have them on the site? @sarahsalith @LatiTish84 @PlantEsteem @KikiGoldblatt @RJG @jcPlantProper #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantProperFanClub #plantproper #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantTherapy #SensitivePlant
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@BunnyMummy It’s certainly an interesting plant but a little picky: It moves! This amazing little shrub, commonly known as the sensitive plant, is a wonder of nature and reacts to your touch. Sweep your hand along its feathery leaves and watch them jump together! It blooms pretty little pink puffy pom-pom flowers and caring for this botanical marvel is also super easy - there really is SO much to love.
Where's it from?
Mimosa pudica is native to tropical South and Central America and belongs to the Fabaceae family of plants, which means it’s related to peas, beans, and legumes.
Planting location
An east-facing window that gets morning sunlight is ideal for Mimosa pudica houseplants.
Light requirements
Sensitive plants need plenty of bright light so set your new plant baby in a sunny window that receives some direct sunlight but not all day long! If your only option is a south-facing windowsill then place your Mimosa pudica a couple of feet back from it.
Mimosa pudica likes it cosy, but anywhere between 16-30C is fine - the typical temperature range of most people’s homes!
Moist and humid is the mantra with Mimosa pudica! It thrives in high humidity and likes its soil to be constantly damp (but not soggy!). Place your plant near a humidifier if you have one, or mist regularly with a spray bottle and make sure you water regularly to prevent the soil drying out.
Annual or perennial?
Mimosa pudica often grows as a perennial in nature but it’s usually treated as an annual when grown as a houseplant.
Did you know?
Mimosa pudica gets its name from the way it moves! It’s derived from the Greek word for “mime” and the Latin word for “bashful,” in reference to the way the leaves react light and touch - as if the plant has the consciousness to be shy and physically retract when upset.
And here’s a quick (and basic) science lesson for the curious…
The remarkable leaf motions of your new Mimosa pudica are called “nastic” movements. Nastic movement is the plants response to things like touch, heat, air motion, and shaking. And, since the leaves close up fast enough to observe in real-time, this ability is also referred to as “rapid plant movement.” The other plant besides Mimosa pudica that’s famous for its ability to move rapidly is the carnivorous Venus flytrap.
I wanted to get one for the kids. But I have to find a good place to buy it from bcuz Amazon is not it. The reviews are hit and miss, at least they were when I looked it up before. I wish you luck though. They are Soo cute.
I don't know if I have ever seen it on plant proper 🤔 Good Luck! You are much braver than I afraid I would just bother and touch that poor plant to an early grave! 🤣
I don’t believe Plant Proper carries those but I could be wrong. From what I know of sensitive plants, they can be somewhat temperamental indoors, because they really need a lot of light to thrive. But oh my goodness they’re so cute though 😩🌱
Now I have mimosas on my mind 🥴
@KrunchyWrap 😭😭
No unfortunately! Most aquatic stores should tho. I used to work at one and we grew them
I would recommend getting one that is already grown- you can get the seeds from Amazon and the Tickle Me Seeds or whatever the company is has GREAT customer service, but those seeds are hard (in my opinion) to get to a bush-size. I could never get mine past six inches high without them dying off.

You know what's easy to grow for kids? Pinto beans!! They grow like weeds and produce beans! You can also start them in a plastic baggie so they can watch the roots and stem form before potting them.

My #PlantProtégé likes to pull plants from the yard and grow them.

🤣 We have trees and grass and privet and weeds potted all over the place outside!
@KrunchyWrap SAME! 🍾
@sarahsalith I have a protégé also and she wants to grow…..squash lol 😆 only my kid
@BunnyMummy haha! My kids are growing melons from the seeds they've tossed in the yard. They think they are farmers. 🤣
I found a local seller on Etsy

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